The Hero is Invincible but “Too Cautious” : The Truth is Too Much to Bear

Episode 11

Sono Shinjitsu wa Omo Sugiru” (その真実は重すぎる)

Are you ready for one of the wildest yet most boring rides of the end of the Fall Season?

Strap yourself in because this is a bit of moan.

I have so many problems with this series and this episode kind of had all the little bits of why I had problems with it all rolled into one.

It was a comedy show but it didn’t integrate the drama in well or even the character stories so that this episode just didn’t work. It was meant to be the explanation to why Seiya is the way he is and yet they couldn’t just give him a story they had to merge it with why Rista is a Goddess in the first place and it just got messy and didn’t work at all.

Where we were meant to have a emotional reaction I just sat there completely bored out of my wits as instead of just giving Seiya a sad story and have the others want to save him they had to give Rista a sad story to make her even more determined to save him. But why? Why did Rista have to be the girl that Seiya failed to save in the first place? Why does this have to be a thing? I just don’t get why we should care or how they think it is a good story to tell.

So we’re going into the final episode with what?

The knowledge that Seiya was trying to protect people?

I kind of knew that, I said it before that they over compensate the “funny” miserable character trait to hide that he truly cares, we’ve talked about it a few times and hypothesized that it is the reason why he pushes people away.

Knowing that Rista and Seiya were apparently in love in another realm and Seiya failed to save Rista and she got turned into a Goddess?

That is the most convoluted and pointless addition to the series as a whole, as you can probably tell I feel seeing I’ve mentioned it a few times now, it just wasn’t something that ever needed to be a thing and it doesn’t make the final fight any more interesting or dramatic it just takes away from it.

Nothing in this series really built up for this fight or for a dramatic ending and it is like they decided they couldn’t have a funny ending to the series so they went with the most dramatic thing they can think of, including a dead unborn baby, to make us really care about this really important fight that has not ever looked like it was going to be all that serious up until now.

Even the Valkyrie scene was explained away to be a dangerous and dramatic thing that we’re all meant to forget was just this series ridiculous sex comedy gone mad.

It didn’t do anything to help the series or the finale and I am not looking forward to the finale at all.

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