Koisuru Asteroid // Asteroid in Love : Their Promise

Episode 1

Futari no Yakusoku” (二人の約束)

Our first new series of 2020 just so happens to be a slice of life, comedy which is something we all know I love so very much.

Astronomy, Geology and love all rolled into one.

In one episode this series has already made me cry happy tears because it is just the cutest thing I’ve seen.

It is a simple story of two people who met as children for one night, made a promise and carried that promise with them into their school life. Now both are reunited by that promise after they both join the Earth Science Club, the merged Geological and Astronomy clubs.

What I love is that it isn’t just all about that either.

Whilst Mira and Ao’s promise to each other forms the basis of getting the characters together and probably the motivations of both to help their clubs to get more money and be able to afford what they need to find a Asteroid to name after Ao already the entire group is being highlighted as being important.

This isn’t just a story about two children who met one night and were brought back together.

No it is a story about two groups who need to come together to gain more members but also just to survive.

Whilst both clubs look in completely different directions they need to come together to show others what it is that fascinates them all about their sides of their club and already the dynamics of all the characters involved is just nice and wholesome in every way. Both the club president and vice president don’t seem to see eye to eye after the differences in the Cultural Festival set ups the previous year but they are lovely characters who are obviously extremely passionate about their club.

As nice as it is going to be to have the running story of Mira and Ao going through it I feel like we’re going to have such a wonderful story of the two sides coming together and maybe even finding love in the other ones passions.

Everything about the first episode made me love it.

Each character has a wonderful personality that doesn’t annoy you at all, even the teacher in charge of the group is wonderful and it was easy to forget that she was a teacher and not one of the students.

There are already so many different bonkers ideas being thrown around for some fun, Suzuya is a great character even if she isn’t in the group and just everything feels so happy and nice. Sometimes you get a character or maybe a inkling of something that will just turn you off a little bit but there was nothing in this episode that worried me, in fact as I said I cried I was so happy at the end of it.

Maybe I’m too over emotional? I don’t know but it is beautiful and I can’t wait for the rest of the season.

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