Doctor Who : Spyfall Part 2

We did a little bit of James Bond in the next episode but with The Master back it is time to fight him over time itself.

Yes there is lots of time travel and a few interesting faces.

First up I was so in love with this story.

Fair enough this episode moved away from the Kasaavin and focused more on the Doctor vs The Master but I guess from the end of Part 1 you kind of had to guess that was what was going to happen. I was a little upset that we didn’t get to see more of the Kasaavin or learn about them because they were really cool but boy was Sacha Dhawan so good as the Master that I really didn’t care in the end.

What I really loved about splitting the Doctor from her TARDIS team was that we got a brand new TARDIS team but also let us see the strength of the companions the Doctor has with her currently.

Whilst she was off fighting the Master through time we got to see Graham, Ryan and Yas go up against Daniel Barton.

Sure it wasn’t the most thrilling fight and the focus was very much on the Doctor and the Master but I liked that they got to run around and actually do stuff. Sure without the Doctor they wouldn’t have saved the world but they tried and they got real far too plus it just cemented how good their chemistry is together. I enjoyed Lenny Henry as Daniel Barton much more then I thought I would to and he was actually quite intimidating.

In a way it was kind of sad that they mixed the Daniel Barton character in with the Master because having him and a race like the Kasaavin up against the Doctor and this TARDIS team would have been amazing.

As for the Doctor I adored that she went through time and ended up teaming up with Ada Lovelace and Noor Inayat Khan.

Again there is a part of me that is sad that those two characters got lumped into a story like this and we didn’t get to learn more about them or see a adventure with them on their own but it was also super cool just having them part of the adventure in the first place.

I mean I loved it but they were really only there so that they could highlight that these were women doing amazing things in the times that the Doctor visited.

That being said both Sylvie Briggs and Aurora Marion were great for the little that they got to do and I really loved Mark Dexter as Charles Babbage and hope maybe at some point we’ll go back to all these characters because I would really love to see the Doctor actually have adventures with them.

This episode really just highlighted how amazing Sacha Dhawan was though.

He actually felt threatening yet so sad.

Whilst the Doctor got cocky at times and was able to outsmart him I really enjoyed how you actually felt like the Master could actually beat the Doctor. He didn’t have to be over the top which I felt both Simm and Gomez could be but he still had such a big presence in the episode.

What I really don’t like is that it looks like we’ll be doing more digging into the Doctors back ground.

I don’t think the new series has done a good job on lore building when it comes to Time Lords and Gallifrey and I don’t look forward to more stories about it. I loved that the Master apparently destroyed Gallifrey but I kind of wish it was just because he got angry or made a agreement with someone to do so. I don’t care about the Timeless Child or whatever else they are going to go on about, I don’t like when they try to build up the Doctor to be more then she needs to be.

That is the one thing I’m not looking forward to.

Boy did I love this episode though.

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