Darwin’s Game : First Game

Episode 1

Fāsuto Gēmu” (初陣ファーストゲーム)

We have a new killing game about to start, is there any better way to start 2020 off then with a killing game?

I do like a good killing game show and this one has a lot of potential.

We started off with a bumper 45 minute episode which allowed us not only to meet the main character Kaname Sudo but to get to know a little bit about Darwin’s Game. Not much yet though just the basics.

Whilst there wasn’t really anything mind blowing about the episode or the game itself it presented itself in a really interesting way which kind of differentiated itself from other Killing Game anime out there. There isn’t really much you can change about these things anyway but I found it interesting enough.

Darwin’s Game is a app that when you activate it infects you with a Sigil and brings you into the game.

Match ups look like they can happen randomly and your Sigil is just a skill that you acquire that is as natural as breathing and I’m kind of happy that whilst we don’t really know the limits to Kaname’s Sigil just yet it wasn’t kept a mystery over two episodes.

Most of the characters we are introduced to die in the first episode which at first made me worry that we were going to just have a lot of action all the time and no substance but we finally do meet Shuka who doesn’t really give us much information but being able to play the game against her and her surrendering meaning they both survived not only gives us a second character that understands the world to continue the story with but also let us explore it naturally too.

Not that I really get why she had to be naked in bed with Kaname at the end of the episode or asking him to have a family with her but I’ll wait to judge that bit next week.

Everything about it I enjoyed.

Its animation style is the kind of dark stuff I enjoy, the story isn’t really too involved and easy to follow which is all you need in something like this and the characters seem interesting enough.

There is a whole bunch of stuff we need to learn about the game which I feel will come in the next few episodes with Shuka now with us, plenty of action to go around as matches can happen randomly and there is a feeling of dread all over the show with the dead leaving “body art” as people think it is all over the place as they are erased from this world and leave a pixelated imprint behind on the world.

It actually kept my attention throughout and didn’t feel like a 40+ minute episode at all and I really want to see what happens next.

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