Anime Highlights Week 51

23rd – 29th December 2019

The final Highlights of 2019… Which ended up coming out in 2020 because of course I was super late with them over the Christmas period.

Here they are though. The final full week of anime.

Perfect Endings

This week saw most of the rest of the shows that we are watching end. Other then those obviously that will carry on into the Winter Season.

Some endings will always be better then others but I can honestly say that Fire Force and Vinland Saga especially had very fitting endings. There was no happy ending because there couldn’t be, we have only just scratched the surface of the Evangelists in Fire Force so Shinra getting Sho back would not be a good move whilst Vinland Saga needed that big dramatic ending which might mean losing more then just one character who unfortunately had to die.

Fitting endings for both.

Perfect in a different way?

I have to say that the Cautious Hero anime finished perfectly for itself.

It was a mess.

Like Fire Force it had

Sad Endings leading to New Beginnings?

Kabukicho Sherlock by its very chaotic nature doesn’t get featured on here very often which is a shame. It is very vibrant, fun and interesting but it is hard to put into words things that you like or even dislike about it because it is a whirlwind of just things happening at you all the time.

That being said the Jack the Ripper episode plus this one were both extremely good stories.

For a show that doesn’t take itself all too seriously it was kind of nice to see a real fall out to what happened the week before. Kyogoku is still recovering and very much set into a deep depression but the others were given a chance to get back to work and in their own way get over what is happening and look to the future.

After all the show must go on.

This involved them chasing after Mrs Hudson’s cat who seemed to realise that they needed to be given a case they just can not refuse, mainly because Mrs Hudson is scary when sad, and have them just get back to the crazy stuff.

Not only did it let them refresh a little and a very serious story be handled in a very nice way but it gave us, for now, the goodbye of Irene Adler whilst also maybe showing us a glimpse of how Moriarty might end up going down the path to become the evil villain to Sherlock’s genius later on.

Which would make that back to back scene in the opening credits make much more sense.

You know the one where they are back to back but Moriarty is coloured differently and then a evil grin spreads on his face before Sherlock turns and tries to reach out for a butterfly fluttering away. The innocent Moriarty who was trying to avenge his sister is now in prison for his crime of killing Jack and there might be someone or just something that happens to him that makes him go from being a good guy to someone that might need more then just Sherlock to beat.

Or it could just all go crazy again. To be fair it does crazy so well I wouldn’t mind.


We finally know just what happened 12 years ago at the fire that changed Shinra’s life and whilst that in itself is going to be a highlight one of the reasons for his misery and continued misery is Haumea.

An Evangelist who can brain wash somehow was both the reason for Shinra not being able to save Sho in Episode 23 as well as being the person who helped instigate the fire that destroyed Shinra’s life. Also like all of the other Evangelists she has her own unique personality that is terrifying, creepy and yet strange and funny all at the same time.

There was something creepy in the childish way that she moved even when she was a child. A foe I really hope we meet again soon.

Finally the Past Explained…

It was nice to end Fire Force off with a full explanation of what happened the night of the fire the took Shinra’s family from him.

Sho’s powers revealed themselves starting the fire, Shinra’s mother was turned into the horned demon then brainwashed to take Sho to the Evangelists. Burns knew everything that happened but kept it from Shinra so he would hate fire and fear it meaning that he wouldn’t want to be near it and therefore keeping his Adolla Burst secret.

Honestly I didn’t expect that explanation but I really liked it.

I liked that they went out of their way to show once and for all that Burns is a good guy that can be trusted, that he cared deeply enough about a kid he didn’t know to do his best to keep him safe proved he was a good guy.

That was pretty amazing.

Welcome Back Party!

It was a very short bit at the end of the credits for the final Fire Force episode but I loved the party.

Again I was sad that Li wasn’t also invited but I loved the Beni was there and that he had alcohol so was enjoying himself, everyone was just loud and being themselves. It was just perfect.

Everything was perfect.

It was the best.


So here it is, the end of Askeladd’s story.

Sure when we all put our heads together and talked about whether Askeladd should be a villain or a hero, where he should be on that list and everything else he ended up within the top 5 but not winning but for me he has been one of the best written characters on TV in general throughout the entirety of 2019.

From humble and sad beginnings to making his name doing the thing Vikings do best all the way to his sad ending the man was a mystery we might never understand.

He could have killed Thorfinn and just moved on, he could have left him just about anywhere, he could have done just about anything and everything differently and yet here he stood in front of King Sweyn with the choice to save either Canute or Wales and he decided to lose his life to save both.

I will never truly be able to tell you just what I think of Askeladd, I’m sure I’ll try, but he has consistently been one of the most interesting characters to follow every single week.

Big gaps in episodes is not a good idea?

Who else just forgot that Babylon was a thing?

A really suspenseful and interesting story ruined by long breaks between episodes. It was over a month since the mass suicide episode and to be honest it totally killed any momentum the show had built up.

For me I feel Babylon is going to be one of those shows that had so much potential and not only failed to deliver that potential but bored us to death waiting for them not to fulfill it!

Also one last Thorkell!

He gone now.

He didn’t do much in this episode but it was kind of perfect Thorkell.

The big Brute doesn’t care for politics nor the drama surrounding the situation he’s in, he wants to fight and wanted to kill Sweyn and when Sweyn was gone he washed his hands of everything but still stayed loyal to Canute and put a end to Thorfinn’s attack.

Thorkell has been my favourite character all year. He truly will be missed, especially if the story comes back but moves away from Canute and the Vikings.

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