Fire Force : The Burning Past [END]

Episode 24

Moyuru Kako” (燃ゆる過去)

We are here at the end of everything but we are also at the beginning of everything as well…

This episode was actually pretty amazing.

For a start the fight between Shinra and Burns wasn’t disappointing at all, whilst it wasn’t really that big of a deal it did what it had to do. Burns just wanted to see that Shinra had grown and was strong enough to defend himself and fight and whilst he couldn’t beat Burns he did just that. I was kind of worried that the information would be hidden away from Shinra even more or Burns made out to be super weak but the way it worked out was perfect.

This led us to learn the really sad story of the fire at Shinra’s house.

Learning that the Demon who he blamed for the fire and who he saw in the Nether was actually his mum was heart breaking. I felt so sad for Shinra having to figure that out and we ended the series with him declaring that he will find a way to turn his mum back into a human which is a interesting point that hadn’t been brought up till now.

Whether that goes somewhere or not I don’t know but it’ll be interesting to see.

It was a very wordy episode that took its time to let Burns explain himself, explain what happened as well as give Shinra the time to take it in and react to it. I liked that it didn’t go over dramatic or effect Shinra in a way that he wouldn’t usually be effected, it just made him more determined to be the hero that he promised his mum he would be which was perfect.

This was Sandwiched between Shinra’s home coming and again that was perfect.

Each bit set in the present in their time line just highlighted the craziness of each character and the situation of having all these oddbods in one place. Everyone got a little bit of time, I loved seeing Arthur having his sword taped to the wall because he shredded a load of papers with it, and it felt like a proper home coming for Shinra.

Over all this series has been just a little bit all over the place but it ended on a high that I never imagined it would when the series started.

If you had told me after like episode 3 or 4 that I would hate the final episode because it meant I didn’t get to spend time with this group, that so many of their stories made me cry and that I was totally hooked on every little part of the series I would have laughed. Not because it was awful but because I didn’t think it had it in the show to actually make me care that much.

This episode ended the series in the highest possible way.

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