Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! : Didn’t I Say The Crimson Vow Would Never Be Destroyed?! [END]

Episode 12

Akaki chikai wa fumetsu tte Itta yo ne!” (赤き誓いは不滅って言ったよね!)

With a Elder Dragon in front of them the Crimson Vow do not run away but with Mile maybe out of the picture for good what can the others do?

Well obviously Mile wasn’t dead.

I was waiting for a big moment where we had “you might only have half the power of a Elder Dragon but you have your friends” kind of thing but it never came. Instead she kind of flashed back a bit to when she was happy in her former lives, or her former life and when she went to school before she changed her name to Mile, got the courage to stand up and then just took down the Elder Dragons, because two more showed up, by herself.

Reasoning behind it?

Of course there will only be ONE super powerful Elder Dragon all the rest must be of varying levels and of course knowing that the Elder Dragon was the most powerful thing she panicked so didn’t take into consideration that THIS Elder Dragon might not be twice as powerful as her.

It was kind of a cop out but one I can get over.

This episode was great, it did everything that you kind of wanted it to do whilst keeping the story open for more if they want to make more in the future.

When I say that I hope they do, I know we’ve said it about a few series but this one was just so nice and now they have given us a really interesting story that I just want to know more about. It turns out that many civilizations have lived and failed on this planet, that is what the Elder Dragons are looking for and one of the reasons why Mile was sent there, the guy who sent her there said even with the Nano-whatevers, the magic, it doesn’t look like it’ll be able to develop any more.

The shrine they were in had all manners of stuff that Mile knew from our world so what this world actually is really interests me and why the Elder Dragons are looking for past civilizations is also fascinating.

Not only that I just love the interaction the girls have.

They have come such a long way and it looked like it was finally time for Mile to tell them the truth, of course that is how the show ended which was perfect but it makes you want to know what their reaction will be.

I fell in love with all the characters, this show had me in tears more then some of the actual drama series I’ve watched this year. Everything about it was just so lovely and sweet and you just don’t want it to end. Mavis asking why everyone sneaks out in the middle of the night like the innocent ball of loveliness that she is broke me but I spent the entire episode with a ridiculously big grin on my face because these four morons just made me year so much better.

Now it is over though and Mile defeated three Elder Dragons.

There needs to be more!

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