Vinland Saga : End of the Prologue [END]

Episode 24

King Sweyn has found Askeladd’s weakness whilst Thorfinn might have just been convinced to go home. The gang is breaking up in what looks to be a dramatic end to the Viking tale we’ve been living.

Lucius Artorius Castus, the rightful heir to the throne of Britannia.

Or as we know him Askeladd.

This episode really was something else. It ended the entire story the way it had to be ended whilst opening up the world for Thorfinn so much. It was horribly sad yet at the same time it was all about looking to the future and how everything is changing.

It ended as bloody as it has ever been with Askeladd slaying not only the king but scores of his men before finally being put to his death at the hands of Canute who was able to take the throne and be seen as a leader thanks to Askeladd’s final act. It was sad yet somehow fitting that his actual death came to protect someone as well as Wales.

It was also fitting that his death came at the hands of someone other then Thorfinn.

There is still a small part of me that is upset and will forever be upset that Thorfinn never found out the truth of why Askeladd killed his father, the fact that he was so consumed with the need to kill Askeladd to avenge his father’s murder kind of meant that he never bothered asking why and instead of giving him that answer or making him even ask the question in Askeladd’s dying breath he actually posed a very important question that even I hadn’t bothered asking.

When Askeladd is gone and the one thing that Thorfinn wants, for Askeladd to be dead, is done what then?

Thorfinn has spent more of his life training to kill Askeladd, being led by him and basically being raised by him then he did being around his own father and family. He can’t learn what it was that his father had learnt because he never listened to his father and instead let hatred consume him and now can never learn what it was that Thors knew.

Now that Askeladd is dead what is it that Thorfinn is going to do?

He might not have much choice in the matter either after attacking Canute in a rage. Whilst Canute knows that Askeladd went crazy on purpose to save both him and Wales but also so that Canute could not be blamed in any way for the death of his father he was also well aware of the bad blood between Askeladd and Thorfinn. He doesn’t seem to be too fazed by being attacked by Thorfinn but it might end up that he has to be punished to keep up appearances.

Not only that but after all this as the episode ended we saw so many random things flash by that it makes it seem that Thorfinn might be very suddenly taken away from all the Viking stories and sent on a totally different path.

To say that it is only getting interesting is a understatement and whilst no second series has been confirmed I would hope that they would continue it soon.

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