No Guns Life : Ghost

Episode 12

Bōrei” (亡霊)

So we were teased a haunted episode and what we got was something a little different.

Not that I’m complaining.

It made me realise that we get told a lot about how people feel about Extendeds and all the rest of it but we don’t really see anyone that isn’t heavily involved with one of the many groups that are running around the place.

This episode showed us the genuine fear Extendeds can leave very normal people in.

So the job Juzo took was to look after Rosa McMahon whose parents died in a car crash, she lost her leg and since then she’s been haunted by a ghost of a Extended. She remembers seeing a hand fly through the car window the night of the accident and what all this does is fill her with such a deep hatred and mistrust of Extendeds that even when Juzo is trying to help her she’d rather be carried to her death then believe him.

Not that she was that stupid but she still did.

I found it interesting because it is a very real thing in the world that people don’t like talking about. When people are open about situations like this they get blown out of proportion sometimes to the extent that the point of whatever the person was trying to explain is lost in the outcry of them saying it in the first place.

People turn fear into hatred.

Everything horrible that happens can usually be traced back to someone fearing for their life against a threat they believe that person had against them. We can laugh at how ridiculous that is but somewhere in their life something happened or someone did or said something that ingrained such fear in them that it turns to hate. That hate them bubbles over and you end up with this kind of situation where in reality the hand that she saw saved her life and Extendeds aren’t her enemy but because she had seen that hand and thought it was the cause of her parents death she hated them so much she would rather see them burn then listen to them for her own safety.

For a story that only ran in this episode I feel they packaged that and the message really well, showing the discrimination that Extendeds can have to deal with but giving a good reason to why that discrimination is there.

Whether it be stories of Extendeds doing bad things, as Mary pointed out people let power get to them or turn to crime to pay for Extensions they needed to survive and now can’t afford, a lie of some sort planted in your mind, Danny was the reason her father died yet he let her believe that it was a Extended, or just a fear of something scary, Juzo does have a gun for his head, it can lead to people hating a entire group just because they don’t understand what it is they are hating.

It happens in real life, it happens in this very good anime and it was handled in a really good way.

Was I sad there wasn’t really a ghost?

A little bit.

Would have liked to see a Scooby Doo type episode just for the fun of it.

Was what happened bloody fantastic?

Well you know how much I love

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