Kabukicho Sherlock : No More Nyan-Nyan

Episode 12

Niyan niyan daha” ( にゃんにゃん打破)

We have the fall out of Jack the Ripper and honestly I don’t even know what to expect from this series anymore.

I think they handled the very serious nature of the last episode really well.

We kind of knew what the fall out would be, Moriarty was loved by everyone in the Row house to the point that when Watson thought it might be him that was Jack everyone rubbished it straight away. Add on top of that the extremely sad story of his sister and now everyone is heart broken as you can kind of understand them to be.

I don’t know whether it was the cat just knowing or coincidence but Pipe, Mrs Hudsons cat, goes “missing” and Mrs Hudson being upset forces them all to go look for him.

What I mean by I’m not sure if it was just a lucky coincidence or if the cat is meant to have understood the situation is that we see him in the Row House after Mrs Hudson sends everyone out to find him and he very openly stalks around the city in a fashion that is easy for the Detectives to find him.

Regardless of how it came about it was the perfect way to get everyone from moping about their friend to doing the same old crazy stuff they always do.

This episode also officially joined Sherlock and Watson as a team which was nice.

It was honestly a very needed episode after the last one, it had a bit of sadness in it, some reminiscing and gave the characters a chance to kind of come to terms with everything in their own way. Whether it be the Morstan sisters ready for him to return to demand why he didn’t come to them or Kobayashi appointing a new head of the gang until the true leader comes back, they all were given their chance to show why it was hard for them and what they plan on doing going forward.

Why I liked it was because most of these characters are optimists or just stupid and don’t really get that down about anything so it would be hard to see them get set back by it. At the same time the last episode was so dramatic and so sad they had to be effected in some way.

This gave a very nice little case for them to be crazy doing whilst bringing them together to get over their sadness as a group.

As this show always seems to manage it came together perfectly and I really enjoyed the episode which mixed a really serious thing with a the normal crazy that we have come to expect from the series.

It just was the perfect Kabukicho Sherlock episode.

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