Assassins Pride : Pride of an Assassin [END]

Episode 12

Ansatsu no Kyōshi Kyōji” (暗殺教師の矜持)

We are finally at the end of Melida’s journey and what a journey it has been. What fun is in store for her?

I feel like I got a little lost right from the start of this show and haven’t ever really got back on track with it which hasn’t actually made me dislike it but has made me very confused.

All of this stems from Melida’s grandfather not believing she is really part of his family because her mana hadn’t shown itself by the time she turned 13. Kufa was sent to access whether or not she was part of the Angel bloodline and he seemingly decided she wasn’t but where I thought he tried to kill her it seems he actually just gave her part of his mana.

Which never really got scientifically explained.

I feel like I missed this because a lot of what Kufa says is very poetic and romantic but it doesn’t always lead to clarity over what he’s doing or feeling.

It also was never in this episode used as a explanation to why she’s Samurai class. They called her out on it proving she wasn’t a Angel and she simply pointed out what I’ve been saying for ages which is why does she have to have the same class? This episode made it clear you don’t and in the end we learn, maybe falsely I guess he could have been lying, that someone in her family WAS Samurai class before.

So what I’m saying is.

I got lost about how she got her powers but nothing else at all points to anything yet there is one huge conspiracy surrounding her that for some reason two kids got involved in and very quickly changed sides at the end and had a bunch of adults terrorizing a child throughout 12 episodes, nearly killing her a bunch of times.

Sometimes nearly killing her on purpose.

Not only that but we never actually got a definitive answer to who her father is or any more moments where she shows her Paladin power.

I feel this episode should have kind of been the focus.

What I mean by that is this council seems like a obvious group to have done everything in this series and it would have made more sense to have had the series more geared towards this story. The guy who was claiming to be Melida’s father in the other episode shows up to be beaten in seconds then killed by Serge in the real world. Everything just kind of happened in a blur and nothing was sorted out.

It makes me wonder whether there will be a second series and something will be cleared up or whether her father acknowledging her is all we needed?

It wasn’t what we needed. We needed answers, we needed a coherent story and we really needed less of Kufa talking in riddles.

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