Fire Force : Smiles

Episode 23

Egao” (笑顔)

There is nothing to say other then we had a double episode, yes I’m aware I’m late on everything because of Christmas and boy does this not ever want to have happy endings.

It was one of those episodes.

I loved the episode but at the same time looking back on it not much really happened.

It ended the way it had to end but it was one of those things that Fire Force does all the time where it leads up to something huge, makes it into a great cliffhanger just for the end to be a bit on the damp side. This time at least it wasn’t fully like that, it continued to build to what ended up being quite the sad ending for the fight between Sho and Shinra before throwing someone else in the mix and just kind of ending.

That makes it sound worse then it is because honestly it wasn’t bad and it made sense. Last episode was all about their bond and the closer that Shinra got to being able to beat Sho the more his memories and even Sho’s memories were being forced on Sho.

This episode kind of gave us the hint that Sho might not have just been groomed but that a slightly more scary Evangelist might have got into his head.

Again this is kind of how it had to end, with a second season announced, the final two episodes seem to have come out together, the Evangelists needed to get away and I feel like if they lost Sho then they would be overcome. So this had to be the way that story ended and in all honesty they did a good job of making it feel like a big deal and not lame in any way. I didn’t feel cheated in any way and actually even though a bunch of the Evangelists have now been beaten the ones I fear most have slunk away and that in itself makes me want to see the next series.

After that there was a lot of nothing really happening.

Shinra was super injured and needed to be treated, the others went about their own business and waited for news and finally Commander Burns showed up to talk to Shinra about just about everything.

Again it has done that thing where it cliffhangered off with Burns vs Shinra but I feel like it’ll be a nothing end to that fight seeing Shinra has just woken up from a life threatening injury and I really don’t think he’d be able to beat any of the Captains, not even Hibana if she was super serious and not emotional.

Still a great episode though.

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