Doctor Who : Spyfall

The Doctor is back and as you can maybe tell we are in for a James Bond-esque story with the Doctor and her TARDIS crew.

This is the start of the brand new series that is starting its run this Sunday, I have missed the Doctor so much.

As a rule I don’t much like the spy genre, James Bond and the likes don’t do anything for me so it was good that this blended that genre with both the Science-Fantasy genre as well as a good dollop of horror.

One reason that it worked so well was that it separated the spy stuff and had Ryan and Yas go off do their own thing with all the gadgets and intelligence stuff whilst leaving the Doctor and Graham to deal with the actual alien threat they were facing.

What a threat they were facing too.

I enjoyed it so much more then the Tweets and Instagram posts I had seen led me to believe that I would. It truly was actually pretty terrifying at times and I like that. I remember so often as a child being scared of Doctor Who, not nightmare inducing scared but actually scared of the monsters and situations. More often then not that aspect of the series has disappeared whether it be because it felt much more child friendly or the stories were much more science fiction/fantasy and character based but I did enjoy that touch in Series 11 and am happy that they are even blending it into other genres.

Personally I like this kind of story. Whether it works or not I always prefer seeing them try and create something new then wheeling out characters, species and races with no real new story for them.

From the moment these whatever they are’s came out of the wall, their surroundings kind of merging onto them, I honestly thought how cool it looked to me as a adult and how I would have been frozen on the spot as a kid watching it. Half in awe, half scootching away from the walls so I couldn’t be a victim next. That was how good I felt this species were.

Then again once more why I loved the episode most was that they just seem to have got the characters right.

That might sound weird but I think that is the pretty perfect way to describe why people can pick and choose Doctors, companions and series as their kind of Doctor Who whilst mark others as not their kind. People say things like “they aren’t the Doctor to me” which sounds stupid because it is a character and whoever is doing that job just IS but at the same time no matter how long you’ve watched it, what series you like, there are just some characters you love more then others and you do truly sometimes feel like you aren’t watching what you feel is Doctor Who.

I had it with Peter Capaldi but Jodie Whittaker really just feels like the Doctor for me and I absolutely love Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill as the TARDIS crew.

It is more then that though.

Stephen Fry was hardly in the episode as part of the MI6 but he instantly left a lasting impression. Lenny Henry felt like a true villain as Daniel Barton and I can go on and on. The acting in the episode was just so good that I lost myself in everything and the moment that Ryan and Yas were talking about how she had felt after being absorbed was super touching.

When it went full spy at the end of the episode I really enjoyed it.

Not only was it just the fun spy stuff but they mixed in that innocent silliness like the Doctor at a card table playing snap instead of whatever it was they were meant to be playing Yas not knowing what she was doing and Graham and Ryan getting over the top excited about winning. It then went to a pretty cool chase scene that showed off the beautiful location that they had been shooting in whilst also showing off just how good a Bond villain Lenny Henry of all people could be.

For me personally it was the perfect way to start the new series. It got me so excited for what is to come and totally don’t want to wait.

Plus Sacha Dhawan is absolutely amazing. I won’t say anything else till the next episode.

He. Is. Fantastic.

I can not wait to see how this ends.

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