Best of… Games 2019

Again like the movies I haven’t really played many games that have come out in 2019 themselves. I’ve actually played a whole bunch of new games this year but they have come out all over the place so picking 10 to put in this list was hard.

Specially as Kingdom Hearts III was the one game I was looking forward to and I hated it.

10. Luigi’s Mansion 3

Honestly Luigi’s Mansion nearly went the same way as Kingdom Hearts the only difference was that I realised that the problems I had with the game weren’t against the game but my inability to control more then one thing at a time.

The third installment in one of my favourite series see’s Luigi in a haunted mansion having to free all his friends from more and more ridiculous rooms. From normal hotel ones to a entire Medieval level. With all your favourite characters returning and so many different ways to  complete the many different challenges that face you it is a game I still haven’t completed yet because it is just so big.

Plus I just suck at manual puzzle solving apparently.

Totally forget some of the mechanics from time to time and get stuck on easy puzzles because I don’t press the one button I need to be pressing.

That being said it was still a really fun game and after I rage quit on the first day because I’m a dumb ass I realised just how much love was put into this game to bring one of my all time favourites up to date on the new generation of consoles.

Now just give me the original port on Switch please?

9. Life is Strange 2

I will never stop loving the concept of Life is Strange and the second game wasn’t as terrible as I myself might have made it out to be.

Did it have problems with game play? Yes.

Was it buggy as hell and should never have been released the way it was half the time? Yes.

Did the story make much sense? No.

That being said they played a dangerous game and in some small way kind of won.

I never felt like the first game really gave me much of a choice and whilst my actions did effect what was happening around me I felt it was always geared towards one ending. LiS2 at least did what it was all about, all the endings depended on how YOUR actions effected A DIFFERENT CHARACTER and that was amazing for me.

Each ending depended on how Daniel was basically raised by you during the time you were on the road.

Let him be a badass that swears and has no respect? Well you’ll get a LEGIT BAD ENDING.

Teach him to have respect and be a good kid then you’ll get various good endings.

Whilst I might not for a long time attempt to play through again to get any of the multiple endings you can get I felt in the end whilst I was disappointed along the road that it wasn’t really all that bad. It definitely was a experience for 2019.

8. Pokemon Sword/Shield

Everyone hated the new Pokemon game before it came out.

Don’t get me wrong there were things about it that I didn’t like either. In my review of the game I said that it held your hand too much and for too long, it over simplified everything and whilst I loved the Wild Zone there was something about it basically stretching throughout most of the map that made the map feel much smaller then any game that came before it.

That being said it was a fun entry into the Pokemon series.

Pokemon needs to evolve in some ways. Sure the game is so simple and easy to get addicted to that it doesn’t really need to do too much different every single game but I liked what they tried with this game and even if every game is a little different from now until it finally ends I think it is a good move to stop the series feeling like it stagnates.

Whether this entry worked for you or not is entirely personal but I really enjoyed it and as I keep saying it was the first Pokemon game I finished in a long time.

7. Mortal Kombat XI

I had to keep reminding myself that this game came out this year because boy did I not like it as much as I hoped for at first and boy does it feel like a lifetime ago since I sat down to really play it.

The newest Mortal Kombat game…

Kind of went the way of most games these days and tried to squeeze as much money out of you as it possibly could which kind of made it a little less exciting when it finally released.

That being said you can’t really go wrong with Mortal Kombat.

I loved the Krypt in this game and how it felt like the starting of a open world RPG type thing. Having the freedom to move around and do some cool stuff was fun and all the hidden areas you needed to find made it so playable.

Personally I found the combat in this game a little easier then some other installments and that made it more enjoyable to a point, I wasn’t so intimidated about going online to play but it also didn’t hook me quite as much as 10.

I really enjoyed it though. Mortal Kombat has been a series, like Pokemon I guess, that I’ve been playing since before I can even remember and whilst the game wasn’t something that I ended up loving as much as I did 10 and I’m still fucking mad as hell that Drahim is dead in the Krypt (fuck you for hating him so much) looking back on it… I really love MK no matter what.

6. WoW Classic

I didn’t play it the day it came out but I was so happy to be part of SpaceHamster’s stream when it went live.

Seeing people just be happy and enjoying WoW like when we were kids/teenagers made the experience even more amazing then when I finally did log in and play it.

As most people kind of guessed it was something that was addicting and able to take over your life once more for a few weeks/months before reality kicked in and you kind of had to move on to other things. It was a nice nostalgic run and again whilst I loved playing it and spent way too long playing it when I should have been doing other things it was also a game that was really fun watching others play and hanging out in chats.

Will never forget the epic nostalgia playlist SpaceHamster created or watching Asmongold freak out about just about everything.

It was a fun midyear thing.

5. Islanders

I got this game early December as a Christmas pressie from someone at work and become obsessed with it.

It is such a simple game where you are given a certain amount of items to place on a Island and collect points. Gain enough points to open another pack of items and keep going until you make enough points to skip to a new Island altogether.

Not as easy as it sounds as you get negative points for having certain things together and the Islands themselves range in size, shapes and geography.

It was such a good game that made you think and you can easily lose a few hours to.

We have a review of it coming out very soon so keep a eye out for that.

4. Goose Game

Who can’t look at 2019 and think Goose?

It is one of those really stupid, strange ideas that just end up being really fun. You play a Goose as you might have guessed and have to live your best Goose life whether that be terrifying the humans around you, stealing crap or just honking away down a river.

A simplistic puzzle game that gives you hours upon hours of fun as you traverse this world as a angry Goose.

This game honestly blew up and you can kind of see why. In the time of memes and people just looking for simple things to make them laugh it was the perfect storm of everything our generation especially needed this year.

You get to be a Goose honking at people what more could you ask for?!

Well I have since seen a mod for Untitled Chicken Game in Minecraft and that might be the thing I really needed this year.

For its price it was a bargain and whilst I’m a dumb ass and some of the puzzles annoyed the heck out of me the majority of the time I was just happy honking away and annoying people. I really didn’t need more in my life then that.

My Snapchat that week was annoying as fuck too with all the honking I was filming to annoy my friends with.

3. Shenmue III

I will admit I haven’t played too much of Shenmue III so most of my love for the third game in a series I have adored since I was a kid has come from watching BrutalMoose play it on stream.

If you don’t know what Shenmue is then I’m sorry I can’t explain it to you.

Shenmue is a work of art that not everyone is going to be able to understand. I wrote a love letter to the series after seeing all the shit being said about it usually by people who have no idea what the series is about and honestly… If you get the game you’ll love it, if you don’t get it then you’ll struggle to find anything to like about it.

At its heart Shenmue is a slow paced life simulator about a teenager called Ryo who is trying to avenge his father who was killed by Lan Di.

That all happened in game one, since then we have barely got close to Lan Di and depending on your play through style probably spent more time making money in the various mini-game jobs to fuel your addiction to gatcha machines and gambling then actually looking for the main plot line.

Shenmue III has brought back most of what people love and added a little more to it just like Shenmue II did originally.

It also never shied away from being a game FOR THE FANS.

That is right. Maybe it won’t endear itself to newer audiences, specially if they pick this up and not the remastered double pack of the first two, but to those who created this game it didn’t matter. What mattered was that they had a path they wanted to take this series on and the fans who helped fund it wanted to see that path continue. They didn’t want a quick ending to a story that is meant to last five games, they don’t care if it is another 18 years before a new installment and the creators gave us what we wanted.

One thing we really wanted was to talk to our old friends again and they even do that.

The only reason Shenmue III is in third is because I personally haven’t played that much and BrutalMoose hasn’t finished his play through so I dunno, it might be disappointing in the end so I can’t say it is the best though it very much at this point probably the best game I’ve seen this year.

Sometimes I have to think with my brain and not my heart though.


2. The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is here because everyone else wanted it at number one.

To be fair it wasn’t a bad game, in fact it was as far from a bad game as you can get and for a good 4 or 5 hours I was obsessed with it. It was everything I loved from this kind of game bringing all the good bits of games like Fallout and even companion interaction from the likes of Dragon Age and threw it into a space adventure that I really enjoyed.

My problem was that it then kind of started to feel like every other game it was kind of like.

I’ve pretty much beat that game at this point and I have to say that it deserves to be in the top three, that being said I feel like the more time goes on and the longer it takes for me to find the interest in completing it the more I realise that it was just a slightly above average game.

Which sounds pretty miserable on my part but its a personal thing.

Companions were by far my favourite thing and me running around after Parvati was my life at one point. I would do anything for that girl and still will.

1. Links Awakening

I have a weird relationship with Zelda.

I love the world of Zelda, I love the lore and even really love how a whole bunch of the games are designed.

What I don’t like is playing Zelda games.

Don’t ask me why I don’t like them but I never really get very far before I get bored or annoyed and just give up. I even enjoy watching people play them, most of 2018 I spent watching Jishua/RFC Josh play the Ocarina of Time Randomizer nearly daily and never got bored of it at all and I love watching PBG play through Zelda games. Hell some of my favourite videos by him and SpaceHamster are their looks at various different Zelda games or… fan games. Jeff playing fan games gives me life.

That being said I don’t personally like Zelda games.

I have never finished BotW and think its overrated because I really didn’t like that game.

Links Awakening at number one might then confuse you but that is because it honestly is the first time I’ve played a Zelda game and truly loved it.

Obviously I hadn’t played the original version of the game but brought it because the cute art style that was shown when it was announced warmed my heart. Sure I haven’t completed it technically yet, mainly because I got so caught up watching PBG play it and then forgot to play my own game and THEN when I just started up again Jeff started to play it and got to the point that I kept getting to before he stopped playing it… BUT that isn’t because I don’t want to play it unlike… Just about every other Zelda game.

It is cute, it is fun, the puzzles aren’t over complicated or you don’t need to be a genius to work them out and the graphics are so cute that you find yourself just walking around looking at everything more then you are playing it.

I’ve played through the same part of this game about 20 times now without ever getting bored of it… I just have a bad attention span and am easily taken away by something else shiny.

It really was my favourite game of 2019.


That is it for my games of the year.

As you can see some of them are more favoured because of watching others play them but I honestly enjoyed all these games this year myself as well whether I completed them or not. I’ve seen the ending to all of them at least.


I really, like everything, need to play more games as they come out next year. It isn’t even time with me but money, I never have money. I need to get better and get better at streaming because that really is actually helping a little with my anxiety.

Let us know your favourite games of the year below and we only have one more end of year blog to go which is our favourite Anime (its the big one guys!) tomorrow. So look forward to that.

2 thoughts on “Best of… Games 2019”

  1. I much prefer Link’s Awakening to Breath of the Wild. The game is more focused on puzzle solving. When it comes to Open World games I get distracted with exploring and eventually move onto another game. Weapons that break is also annoying.

    1. Same, I tried playing Skyrim again recently and played through all my favourite side quests then was like yeah that’s me done. I dunno I just never enjoyed BotW all that much and weapons breaking is the biggest pain in the ass. I can’t figure out how people even find loads of weapons as the three times I’ve tried the game most of the map is just empty with branches that snap so fast.

      Link’s Awakening was just super fun even if I had no idea what I was doing most of the time.

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