Hatoful Boyfriend (9.6 Hours Played)

For years I have wanted to write a review on one of the first games I really picked up on Steam and played. It is a stupid dating sim where you end up dating birds.

Yes I really did just say that.

Thing is this started off as a April Fools joke but it seemingly was a popular enough prank that they made it into a game.

There is a story hidden away in the game that you can only unlock by unlocking a certain amount of endings and so on and so forth which I unlocked because I 100% the game but honestly it was long and I lost interest in it and can’t remember it.

Thing is Hatoful Boyfriend is just fun.

Like most dating simulators it is just silly stuff. You start off going to school and meeting a bunch of different birds, if that isn’t your thing you can have the human avatars instead, and just going around doing weird things at school. You have a whole cast of characters to choose to romance, branching stories that you can completely miss and even characters you can completely miss as well.

Where this game really worked and made me sink over 9 hours into it over the course of the last few years is that the characters are all unique.

You get kind of attached to them and sometimes when you are bored you just feel like going and watching the stupid stuff play out once again. Each character is honestly super fun to get to know and it really is worth slowly making your way through the game to see all of their endings. It remains firmly tongue in cheek all the way through and dabbles in the usual stereotypes like creepy teacher with creepy music in the background or lovable stupid jock and even if you think that you’ve made the right decisions you can sometimes end up making the complete wrong one by accident.

This is very much obviously a game you can only really play if you like this kind of thing and it is probably something going forward I might stream just to show off how silly it can be but I think that is why it became popular.

People who turn their noses up on dating sims and visual novels can get a bit of a laugh from it whilst it still runs like a perfectly good dating sim so people who like these types of game can still play it and not feel like they are being laughed at. There are enough characters and secrets to the game that multiple play through’s are needed.

It might be one of the weirder games that I’ve ever played but honestly I really enjoy it.

Plus it still has a very positive review score on Steam and is well worth the £6.99 for anyone who likes this type of game. For those that just want a bit of a laugh maybe wait until it is on sale though.

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