Best Of… Diary : Random Things 2019 (Or my adventures on YouTube this year I guess…)

This might seem like a odd one but as you all know I have a lot of problems in my life and struggle daily just to do things that normal people do.

One of the reasons I’m always late with just about everything on here is because I’ve had a depressive episode and just blanked out a whole day which puts me behind and fills me with anxiety going forward that means I put more things off for longer.

That being said 2019 I’ve found myself maybe a little too hooked on YouTube and certain YouTubers whose videos and streams have helped me refocus on bad days and on extremely bad days helped me zone out and move onto a new day.

So here are a few of the channels/people/groups who have made 2019 bearable. It isn’t ranked as none of them are better then the other but the last one is probably the most important one.

Feel free to ignore this one it is more a Diary post then anything else.

Though if you do check it out go and follow all of them because they are all fantastic.

Team Triple Jump

Honestly before this year I only really watched Wrestling YouTube, Team Triple Jump or Vidiots as they were just before that were very much a group that, especially at the beginning of the year, made me turn more to gaming on YouTube then anything else.

Well that and me stopping watching wrestling again.

Ben and Peter are adorable, their chemistry is brilliant on screen and some of the crazy stuff they get up to constantly has me in stitches.

I look forward to the fortnightly Worst Game Ever videos more then any other video and with their cooking show and Prove It now monthly as well as Rules Boss challenges there is plenty of content every month that makes me smile.

Personally don’t watch them as much as I used to but at least for the beginning of the year (well around April-June) they were the group I was watching the most.


The first YouTube thing I got into was WhatCulture Wrestling with Adam vs Adam, WTF Moments and all the crazy live streaming stuff they did. When the main group left WC and made Cultaholic I followed.

Cultaholic is the only Wrestling related content I even bother with anymore, I don’t even watch WWE or AEW but I watch the news every day as well as their lists which are always fun, tier lists which have been interesting, pitches for PPVs, Predictions and Reactions as well as punishments and random WWE 2K streams that they do.

I might have fallen out of love with wrestling but I love the positiveness the boys try to spread and the humor that they bring to all their videos.

Plus they always give me a warm feeling when I sit down to watch their videos regardless of whether I know what they are talking about or not.

And as always more Adam Pacitti is never a bad thing.

Specially when he has a Octopus on his head.

Hat Films

Of all the people on this list these are the ones I only just started watching. I mean I’ve known of them all year as I actually started watching Vidiots at the end of last year so watched some Hat Films stuff back then but it was only like early November I started watching their stuff as it came out.

That being said through most of December they have been my go to night time watch.

For anyone unfamiliar I, like a good deal of people, need to have something on as I go to sleep.

It might sound a bit weird but I suffer really badly from night terrors and have a whole heap of anxiety before going to sleep and wake up anxious as heck. For most of the year SpaceHamster and PeanutButterGamer have been the go to guys I’ve watched as I sleep but recently Hat Films have got me through the toughness of SAD and helped me concentrate on just getting on with stuff.

From their crazy music to watching them play golf… A lot… Like I literally sat and watched their golf videos for about 5 hours the other day… Not to mention the pancake videos… It doesn’t matter I barely sleep because I’m up all night laughing and when I do sleep I don’t have night terrors so that’s a thing.

Really hoping to get to Bristol to see the band play in March.

Tom Campbell

He is the only person I’m technically picking out but I want to say that through all the crap that people have apparently said in YouTube comments about him (I don’t read them) he has been one of my absolute favourite parts of 2019.

His happy little face, enthusiasm over just about everything, attempt to spin the positive out of even the worst things and gentle and sweet annoying ways at Adam Pacitti make my day.

I might forget to do a lot of things, I might not do what I’m meant to do but I will always find time to sit down and watch the Cultaholic news to see his smiley face.

He will never see this but the happiness he has given me the second part of this year has made 2019 so much better. I love everything he does and his positive attitude always leaves me in a good mood.

Tom is adorable.

He needs to be protected.

Normal Boots / Hidden Block

I am so late to the party on these boys but at some point in about March or April I found SpaceHamster and PBG and for the rest of the year I’ve just been binge watching everything they’ve ever done as well as keeping up to date with their streams and falling in love with all their friends whether that be ProJared or BrutalMoose.

It has got to the point that my niece made me a sock buddy Sloth for Christmas and named it Jeff knowing how much I love watching SpaceHamster.

A 10 year old shamed me.

I was shamed.

Not only have these guys videos got me through so much but I’ve enjoyed attempting to become part of their communities as much as a introvert who is terrified of human contact can and loved being part of their streams. Specially finding out and getting to witness Ian (BrutalMoose) fall in love with Shenmue before watching him play the new game or… well I was shamed by a 10 year old so you can imagine how much I’ve watched Jeff play this year (not to mention I’ve changed my sleeping habit so I automatically wake up at 2am to see if he’s streaming… DON’T SHAME ME!)

Throughout most of the shit that happened in 2019 it has been these guys work I’ve turned to. I can’t believe it took me so long to find them. Now I am thankful to be part of their communities.


And that is it!

You might notice that the ones I love the most are those that have very quiet natures even if they can be loud they tend to be… Well… Nice.

It is easier to fall to sleep watching a stream and chilling then panicking about something I said 10 years ago or what I have to do tomorrow or whether the world is going to end.

The only reason I got any sleep this year is thanks to these people. So I owe them a whole deal more then they know.

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