Best of… Anime Heroes 2019

Or should we say protagonists?

Either way here are 10 of the best characters we’ve come across this year.

10. The Crimson Vow (Average Abilities)

Crimson Vow

I feel bad putting the girls into last place.

Average Abilities has been one of the strongest series this year, it mixes comedy with drama in such a wonderful way and more often then not makes me want to cry.

From the heart warming moments like the girls opening up to each other to the hilarious moments like Mile backing herself into a corner and having to make out that her weird ways and overly powerful skills are all a “special family technique.”

As of writing this I have yet to see how the series ends but I’m totally in love with all the characters and they truly are one of the best teams ever.

9. Zenitsu (Demon Slayer)


All three of the main characters in Demon Slayer could be on this list but only two made it.

First up is Zenitsu though.

I really liked him. He didn’t have the best character and he also didn’t have the best story but I really liked him.

He was a big baby that more often then not had to pass out to actually be able to fight but when he did pass out and fight he was actually the strongest person in the series.

Not only that but to be honest who wouldn’t be terrified to be in the job that they are in?

Sure he had a big problem with falling in love with ladies and his fate was down to that but he tried his best at times and it was just sad.

Zenitsu was just a sweet little boy.

8. Dororo (Dororo)


Dororo was the hero of this series.

Not just because her name was the title character name but because she was the moral compass to which Hyakkimaru had to stick to before he lost his way in the world.

She showed bravery beyond words and maturity beyond her years.

After being left alone with the death of her mother and father she survived and no matter how hard Hyakkimaru’s life got she stuck by him and helped him as he fought all sorts of Demons to get back the body parts that his father had given away.

At first I honestly believed Dororo would be the character that turned me off this series and yet she ended up being the character I loved the most.

7. Juzo (No Guns Life


What isn’t there to love about the big lug with a gun for his head?

Juzo is a great character.

There is nothing more needed to be said.

Whilst he goes on about taking jobs and all the rest he puts his life on the line more then he should for those around him. He cares a whole bunch more then he says and in a world where he obviously had a hard time he does what is right for those that have no one.

Not only that but he has a gun for his head and a strange relationship with Cronen who is amazing.

No Guns Life is continuing into the Winter Season and I can’t wait to see where the now one armed Juzo goes from here.

6. Midori (After School Dice Club)


Of all the characters in the series I have to say that Midori is my favourite.

Sure she isn’t a hero but to me she kind of is.

Midori had one of the best character development arcs this season with her having to come to terms with sharing her creation even though it was scary and learning to take criticism and grow.

Not only that she fought the fight for people to see that everything has value in it.

You might not like something but just because you don’t doesn’t stop it being worth being loved by something else.

I seriously love Midori.

5. Norman (The Promised Neverland)


This won’t be surprising.

I loved The Promised Neverland so much and of all the three kids the only one that didn’t get the happy ending he deserved was Norman.

He was the smart one, he played mental chess with a adult without the foresight of Ray or the ability of Emma. Whilst he wasn’t able to survive himself he was able to keep his promise to save everyone else for Emma.

Norman was just a lovely character and it was sad to see him die but it was amazing to see how his story grew.

4. Tanjiro (Demon Slayer)


The second of the Demon Slayer entries is obviously going to be the main character Tanjiro.

He was everything a hero should be.

Even before he was forced on the path to fight Demons and find a way to bring his sister back from being one he was just a good natured lovely boy who did his best for everyone around him.

During the series he showed both compassion to those who he was fighting as well as love and care for those around him. He came over as being a bit of a dumb dumb but in the most loving of ways. No one could help but love him as he was just adorable.

3. Company 8 (Fire Force)

Company 8

One big mishmash of random crazies turn into the biggest group of heroes there ever was.

I couldn’t just pick one of them, even though Shinra is literally the Hero as in his story is him wanting to be a Hero, because they come as a group. Whilst some are stronger than others, some have powers and one of them don’t it just doesn’t matter.

This story more then anything is about family and coming together to be stronger.

Even the bad guys know that being together in some way is better then being alone and that is why Company 8 is just so good. They are the odd ones out, they are the loners, the ones that truly want to do the best for everyone. Together they will break any boundaries, they take in anyone and everyone and fight for the people who can’t fight.

Along with any of the other good guys in the series they do their job with dignity knowing that they are ending the lives of victims of a horrible crime.

More then that they save each other in ways they don’t even know.

2. Senku (Dr. Stone)



Dr. Stone was fun for many reasons one of which was that they applied very real science to what was happening.

That being said Senku could have been a very difficult character to love. In most media scientists, specially ones that know they are smarter then anyone in the room let alone anyone in the world, can be unbearably smug.

Senku wasn’t.

He truly wanted to give everyone the gift of Science and save the world through Science too.

Is he a Hero?

Well he saves what constitutes a Princess, does his best to save a entire village, brings people back to life and main aim is to bring back the entire population against the wishes of those stronger then him who want a new world where the older generation can’t ruin it once more.

I feel that makes him one of the biggest Heroes 2019 had to offer.

1. Naofumi (Shield Hero)


That is until you remember Naofumi.

Naofumi was dragged from his home into a world that instantly turned their back on him.

As the Shield Hero he was the one Hero in four that had little to no respect because people had been taught the Shield wasn’t really a Hero, immediately because of prejudice the King had against a former Shield Hero he was labelled a rapist and thrown into the shadows of society.

His fight wasn’t just to save a world who hated him but against that society itself.

Whilst he gave into temptation a whole bunch and needed the group he had built around him to bring him back from the Cursed times, Naofumi kept fighting as much as he could.

In the end he also was the only one that could do anything to save anyone.

The Rising of the Shield Hero was one of the best shows in 2019 and most of it came from the strength of Naofumi as a main character and the different path the show took in presenting him to us and the world he was thrown into.


Those are our Heroes!

Who were your favourite main protagonists of 2019? Let us know who made your top 10 in the comments.

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