Hataage! Kemono Michi : Hero x Demon King [END]

Episode 12

Yūsha × Maō” (勇者×魔王)

What a wild ride and it comes to a end with our MAIN EVENT OF THE SERIES!



What a way for the series to end.

It was such a fun episode that had a little bit of everything that you loved from the series in general. From Genzo being a idiot to people upsetting him on accident, no one understanding him and MAO and Shigure having to deal with everyone’s shit.

From the beginning of this series to its bitter end it was a baffling and crazy show that had some of the weirdest yet hilarious moments this year.

I will always say some of it toed a line that made some of the jokes not all that funny but they got better as the series went on. Some jokes I thought would get old and NEVER DID, the moment the guy in charge of the guild stopped himself saying something anti-Demon Beast in front of Genzo in this episode I cried with laughter because I knew what would come if he hadn’t stopped.

This show is a hard one to recommend because it is so out there but it was so enjoyable.

Which is why it was important for the show to end the way it did.

At the heart of it was a wrestling feud and if there is something I know about it is wrestling. You basically had that giant “My Sacrifice” promo for a series then it all blew out in a Mania quality match to end the series on a high. Everyone got what they wanted, kind of, and everyone learnt a lesson, kind of.

It also kind of kept the status quo which was nice.

The Heroes won as they should at the end game of a feud, people fell in love with wrestling which they should if companies stop bickering in reality and just focus on making things people love, MAO learnt that it isn’t about winning against Animal Mask but the match itself and Genzo was Genzo and continues to be Genzo pissing off Shigure who has to pay for all the bills as always.

It was just crazy, go watch it because it was amazing.

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