Fire Force : A Brother’s Determination

Episode 22

Ani no Iji” (兄の意地)

A episode that does exactly what it says on the tin…

We never needed a episode to show us just how determined Shinra can be, we’ve seen it. We know it.

That being said this was the story we kind of really wanted to see play out since we found out the Sho wasn’t dead and seeing Shinra just not care because Sho is his brother and he is going to do what he can to be his big brother regardless of what Sho wants.

It was a super sad episode.

I mean there was a lot of things that Licht was babbling about, all the science of the brothers powers and what Shinra could or could not do with him going faster and faster, but it was the story of Shinra’s love for his brother and how he would push past any boundary to be there for his brother.

I liked the flash backs to the other characters talking to Shinra about his brother and how they were all positive and helpful, I like that we even got a glimpse of something bigger about to go down but how all of this didn’t take away from the fight. We have more Evangelists including the main one who are all just as cool as any that came before them and in between all this new stuff, all these memories and everything else we have this fight between two brothers who were forced apart and now brought together in the worst possible way.

With Shinra insistent that this is a game of tag I kind of want it all to end in a hug.

There is a part of me that just doesn’t believe that it will end super badly, we still have a few episodes left and I kind of want Sho to be OK in the end. I don’t really want to see him going off with the Evangelists and feel like Shinra getting through to him in the next few episodes is going to be how it ends.

Or at least I hope so.

I really enjoyed that they had Licht there commentating and even the two Evangelists watching on to break up the fight a bit.

Everything about it was just so darn good.

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