Best of… Movies 2019

I don’t watch a whole bunch of movies and there were loads that I wanted to watch that I never made it to the cinema to see or didn’t get to buy on DVD.

That being said here are 10 that I have seen and which I enjoyed.

10. Toy Story 4

Like most people my age, Toy Story has been a bit part of my life since I was a kid up until this point and this was the first real story where the toys didn’t have Andy.

That being said it felt like the real goodbye to the toys that we grew up in love with.

Most of the films had the point of each story being that Woody in particular had to learn how to adapt to the growing up of his best friend, in this film he was no longer the favourite so when he had the choice of going back to being just a toy or staying somewhere with stray toys bringing happiness in patches to many kids whilst having his own happiness it was a easier choice then ever before for Woody to choose his own happiness over that of a child’s.

It was one of the best films this year but actually for me was the weakest Toy Story film.

Not that it says much seeing all the Toy Story films are a hell of a lot better then pretty much any other film.

9. Brightburn

What if Superman turned out evil instead of being the good guy we all know and… Know.

Brightburn was a fantastic concept that didn’t quite hit the spot. That being said I still enjoyed it and the “What if” concept that it presented.

Nothing about it really stood out and maybe it was due to the fact that I barely watched anything it makes it into the top 10. That being said maybe I went into it with too high expectations?

Either way what it did do it did really well and Jackson Dunn as Brandon/Brightburn is completely fascinating.

I kind of hope it has a sequel because it kind of feels incomplete. That being said it was still pretty decent.

8. Aladdin

In the past I haven’t really been the biggest fan of the Disney Live Action films.

Not because they’ve been bad but because I don’t know why Disney can’t just make a new story instead of having to retread their old ones.

That being said I really enjoyed Aladdin.

What I truly loved was Will Smith as the Genuine though and that was the one thing I didn’t think I would like. I, like most people, loved Robin Williams as the Genuine in the old movie so seeing anyone take on the role was going to be hard but I think Will Smith changed it and made it his own and it really helped make the film.

They managed to keep enough of the film in tack and whilst I don’t think either Aladdin or Jasmine were particularly interesting it was one of my favourite live action Disney films.

7. Avengers : Endgame

How very dare I put Endgame at 7 you say?

Lets face it though… It really is just a 7.

Even if you don’t agree with what I personally have above it the thing with Endgame is that it was the end of years and years of commitment. I loved Endgame but the more I watched it or thought about it the more it became obvious it was just another Marvel film.

That isn’t to say it was bad but it also wasn’t the most fantastic film that came out.

I did love all the really over the top Avengers Assemble type moments, I liked the big moments that happened in the movie. That being said it was just a bog standard MCU movie and whilst it was huge because everyone had put so much time and effort into making it and watching it I can’t say I enjoyed it more then anything above it on the list.

6. John Wick 3

For a series that is best known for starting off with a dead dog, John Wick isn’t doing too bad.

The films tend to be the same thing over and over, Wick who just wants to be retired and left alone has to fight his way through the world that he once was part of.

In this installment his actions have consequences on everyone he’s ever been in contact with leaving not only him but many others in a horrible situation.

It was one more giant gun fight that lasted an entire movie yet this series does it in such a way that it never gets boring.

Plus there were even more dogs.

5. Glass

The finale of the Unbreakable trilogy is the ending to a trilogy I never knew I wanted.

Always been a fan of Shyamalan’s movies, Unbreakable was always one of the ones I loved the most and with the addition of Split and finally Glass to the story I think I have found my favourite trilogy of all time.

Pitting the brains of Elijah Price, the multiple brains of Kevin Wendell Crumb and the… Unbreakableness of David Dunn up against each other was interesting in many ways. Not only that but it opened the world up knowing that there are plenty of people with outstanding abilities of different kinds.

I enjoyed all of the films but this one was a masterclass with James McAvoy totally destroying a cast with the likes of Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson bringing a giant 23 different personalities to life sometimes in quick succession.

Glass made me cry big time.

4. Shazam!

I have been in love with Zachary Levi since Chuck. Knowing he was going to be in a DC movie filled me with dread because I have very little faith in DC films interesting me but boy did Shazam! hit the spot.

It was a really fun movie with a very touching story underneath.

Unlike other DC movies that tend to be dark for no reason it was the story of kids being able to be superheroes. Like real superheroes. It didn’t hide that it was in the same world as actual superheroes either but it was just fun.

Levi does a great job of portraying a kid in a adults body learning how to use super powers but the real heart of the movie comes from Asher Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer as the actual kids as Billy has to come to terms with the fact he was now part of this big foster family of kids with no where else to go.

It was super fun but it was, as I said, super sad.

3. Dumbo

So the reason that Aladdin wasn’t my favourite Disney Live Action movie is because Dumbo very much is (plus Beauty and the Beast the other year beats it too) and I am not overly surprised that it was.

From the mind of Tim Burton we saw a different take on the story of the Elephant with big ears that became a sensation.

Mainly because this had to focus on the human cast a little more then a talking elephant. Gone was everything that we loved about the original cartoon and in its place was a lovely story about a father returning from the war with only one arm who had to find a way to get to know his kids and get used to his new life.

Again it was full of wonderful actors and actresses who brought so much to each role but it was the kids that I loved the most.

Plus it was Dumbo.

Who doesn’t love Dumbo in the Gothic world of Tim Burton?

2. Child’s Play

Horror movies are my fav.

Sillier the better.

Child’s Play has always been a series I loved because it is silly but it is also gruesome and great.

We have a really new version of the evil doll that terrorises the kid he was brought for and for the first time in my life I was actually super sad for Chucky. They actually made Chucky a sympathetic character.


Mark Hamill was wonderful as the voice of a doll who basically just wanted friends. He learnt from what he thought Andy liked and tried to be something that Andy would play with which ended up being a murdering doll.

Of course it wasn’t terrifying but it was a interesting spin on a story that never got old in the first place.

I want more Child’s Play with Mark Hamill please.

1. Joker

This might not be a surprise to many.

Joker was one of the most well received films this year and there was a good reason for it. It brought a new spin to one of the worlds most well loved villains, bringing him crashing and burning into a world so many people could understand.

It wasn’t just a comic book villain being created. It wasn’t comic book-ish at all. In fact it took a very real human being sent crazy by very real world events.

Why people loved it so much was because it was the most scary film you’ll ever watch.

So many people at this time have mental health problems, we see people falling through the holes when they should be getting help. Politicians are always telling us they are doing what is right for us but underneath it all they are really only out for themselves, the poor and forgotten outweigh those that are comfortable and happy and the rise of the Joker as a symbol of the people was so scary to watch because it was relatable and understandable.

Joker deserved to be known as one of the best films of this year.


So as I said I don’t really have many movies to pull from, maybe I should watch a whole bunch more. I could have added Once Upon a Time in Hollywood but I literally watched it just as I finished writing this so I’m not gonna put it in.

What movies did I miss out on and should watch next? Let me know.

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