Best of… Anime Bad Guys 2019

We’ve had side characters but now it is time for our favourite bad guys!

For a show to be good you need a great Protagonist but a even better Antagonist. After all if the bad guy isn’t any good then why should we care about what the good guy is doing?!

Here are some of our favourites from this year.

10. Garo (One Punch Man 2)


I am a huge One Punch Man fan as you all know but I kind of found the second series to be a bit tame.

That wasn’t true of their main focus bad guy who… To be fair became a bit of a joke but whose story seemed to be pretty important. In fact more important maybe then any other story.

You see Garo was that kid that liked the Monsters when he was growing up and wondered why the bad guys always had to be the Monsters. What if that giant slug killing everyone was doing so to protect its young? What if in this situation it is the so called Hero that is in the wrong?

That with added bullying where he was always the Monster that needed to be beaten and couldn’t beat the bullies who were the “Heroes” in every game made a man who grew up to be the strongest so that he could go against the grain and be the Monster that he felt everyone saw him as. He was a much more interesting bad guy then the show kind of let you see at times as he constantly ended up being beaten by accident by good old Saitama himself.

9. Giess (Magical Girls Spec-Op)


Magical Girl Spec-Ops wasn’t a great show.

That being said Giess himself was actually a fantastically written character who broke my heart so badly.

His story was one filled with war and death, after being given a new body and the ability to fight back that is exactly what he did. The broken boy that he was reached out to a broken girl and together they were brought together on the wrong side.

Well maybe, I still think some of the good guys were worse then anyone on the bad side.

8. Kagemitsu Daigo (Dororo)


A truly heartless human.

He sacrificed his unborn child to Demons to save his kingdom but also to be able to yield power.

Whilst he fully believed that what he did was for the betterment of others there was no feelings towards his son who was the one that made the ultimate sacrifice not him. Angry that his son had grown up and started to reclaim his body he went to war and turned his younger son against his sibling to keep the peace in his kingdom.

Like many bad guys he is living in a gray area.

Is the life of one more important then the life of many? Was there a better way for him to do it or was there a time where he could help his son instead of continuing to turn his back on him?

Either way till the bitter end he fought for his Kingdom against his son. Everyone he loved dying because of his anger, selfishness and belief that he was doing the right thing.

7. Tsukasa (Dr. Stone)


Woken by Science but turning his back on the medium that is to blame for the downfall in our society.

Tsukasa is another who falls into a gray area.

This time though it is a true gray area as the harm he is doing technically isn’t to living humans anyway. Where does the human stop and the statue begin?

Right now Tsukasa’s main fight is soley against the Empire of Science, he doesn’t want to revive the older generations and instead wants to build a new empire that will respect and love the land and new beginning that they have been given. That doesn’t really make him all that bad but as we’re on the side of Science in this story he’s the enemy to us that we want to open the eyes of to see that what he is doing is wrong.

That being said he was a decent foe throughout the series even when not on screen.

6. Krone (The Promised Neverland)


The Promised Neverland is a series that could easily be forgotten as it came on early in the year but was actually one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

Both Sister Krone and Mother were terrifying but in vastly different ways and Krone’s addition to the story showed the world for what it really was. After years of abuse and being groomed to one day become a Mother herself, Krone was much more animated and her animation itself was much more vivid.

Whilst Mother bid her time and played a slow game Krone was much more in your face showing her vindictive and much more volatile side at a drop of a hat.

Like others on this list her story is in a gray area and can we really blame someone who grew up in one of these farms and was forced into the life she now led because the alternative was to die herself? She survived and when it became obvious her time was up she did her best to help the kids.

5. Thorkell ( Vinland Saga)


Is there really a bad guy in Vinland Saga?

Maybe not.

That being said for the longest time Thorkell was the main bad guy as far as our perspective goes. It was up to Thorfinn to take his head to get another duel with Askeladd and Thorkell had also turned his back on the Danish army because he was bored and was fighting for England.

That being said this is just really a way to get Thorkell into a list because boy did I love Thorkell.

He was literally a giant brute that just wanted to fight and kill like any good Viking. He was good natured too and didn’t mind when he was bettered, taking his injuries like the badges of honor they were but e was also seriously loyal to the point he would rather wipe out a entire army of deserters then give them the time of day.

Thorkell ended up being a good guy but then again just wait till later in this list.

4. Malty (Shield Hero)


The Rising of the Shield Hero was one of the best shows of the year and from the very first episode Malty went above and beyond to twist the world around her and make the Shield Hero into the most evil person in the world.

From pretending that he raped her to trying to kill her little sister to prevent both the truth coming out and her sister taking the throne she was all out evil.

In the end she did get her just deserts as everyone found out just what it was that she had done and had her name changed to Bitch which was a wonderful way for the Shield Hero to win…

At the moment.

3. Askeladd (Vinland Saga)


Again is there TRULY a bad guy in Vinland Saga?

Askeladd gets put at number 3 for a reason though.

Not only is he the bad guy when it comes to Thorfinn, though in my mind wrongfully so, he is also a enemy to the Vikings in general.

He’s the smartest man in the series and is playing everyone to his tune, or at least up until this point. He has a interesting back story that makes him more dangerous then just about anyone else and his contempt for everyone shines through.

Like Thorkell he doesn’t really fit into either the bad guy or good guy role but I guess in a way all characters other than Canute are really the bad guy so both him and Thorkell make it into this list.

He is actually one of my all time favourite characters in anything. He is just that good.

2. Evangelists (Fire Force)


There have been a lot of “bad guys” in Fire Force but behind all the evil and badness has always been the mysterious White Klad, the Evangelists.

At the moment the series isn’t quite over and where the Evangelists and Sho end up we don’t know quite yet but honestly right now they really are one of the best groups to cause havoc and chaos this year.

They are turning people into Infernals, their members are all totally crazy and Sho can stop time with his powers.

Plus Giovanni is a member.

You know what I was going to just put Giovanni in here but decided that all the Evangelists deserve to be in here. All of their characters have unique and terrifying animations along with horrific abilities.

Plus they literally turn people into firey monsters.

1. Mother (The Promised Neverland)


Our favourite bad guy from the year though was the first one we came face to face with.

Mother was the antagonist of The Promised Neverland, long ago back in January, who was super lovely to the children under her care yet was raising them to be sent to their deaths when hungry demons came calling.

Where she differed from Krone was that she never looked crazy, she never looked dangerous and even when we got to know her the sadness of her story made her even more terrifying.

It was moments like finding out that Ray was her son or breaking Emma’s leg like it was nothing that kept her as the most terrifying bad guy we saw all year.

Mother really was scary in so many ways.


These are our villains of the year.

Some shows we’ve watched had a multitude of bad guys, specially something like Dororo and One Punch Man, but these were the ones that stood out the most.

As always let us know who your favourites were this year and what shows did bad guys best.

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