Anime Highlights Week 50

16th – 22nd December 2019

Last week I really didn’t think of anything to put in the highlights but this week I am determined to find many more things.

Many more.

Lost Potential

I think one thing that has been upsetting so often this year has been the potential of certain series that either peetered out or just full on never lived up to it.

A show that basically took a dig at RPG players who are overly cautious to the point that there is always that small possibility that there might be another boss fight that they are hording all their stuff for seemed too good to be true.

It was.

Cautious Hero has turned into something that was potentially very funny but that hit home way too hard into something that is neither very funny nor interesting.

It had the potential but what it has become is some kind of mess.

Another show that had a lot of potential that it doesn’t quite live up to but in a less annoying way is Assassins Pride.

I think for both me and Luc a second viewing when the series is finished is going to be important as it feels more often then not that we are missing out on the coherent story that the show thinks it is telling.

Sometimes it is too wordy and poetic for me to make heads or tails of certain situations and when it loses me in one way it loses me completely. Not only that but the story itself is fantastic but the pacing and way it is trying to tell it is confusing.

There hasn’t been half enough world building for me to care about all this or understand why Melida needs to die or be disgraced.

New Potential

Talking of potential are we excited for the new paths it looks like No Guns Life is going to take?!

Finally taking a breather from everything being about the hunt for Tetsuro it looks like we might get some fun stories with Juzo doing his actual job as a Resolver. I can’t wait for the “ghost” hunt in the McMahon Mansion or for the potential to see the wider world AND the past of Juzo himself.

No Guns Life has been a highlight of the Fall Season and it now very much looks to be a highlight of the Winter Season too.

In a way I guess we can say that Midori in After School Dice Club has also picked up new potential.

One of the big stories of the series was telling its audience that you can never grow if you don’t put yourself out there, whether it be with Miki having to force herself to overcome her shyness or Midori letting people play her unfinished game.

Life just happens and you can’t live in your own bubble and that really was something that all the girls had to learn in this series in one way or the other.

Midori in the final episode was given her chance to improve even more as she finally let the president of Bad Dwarf play her game and whilst he was impressed he told her there was room for improvement and gave her the opportunity to go see how they make games to broaden her horizons.

The amount of potential that Midori now has is limitless.

Another show that has new potential is High School Prodigies.

As far as I know there isn’t a second season around the corner but they have opened the door and reminded us that there is so much we don’t know, so much that hasn’t been explored and so much more groundwork to be done in the series.

Who were the weird group that were happy that the world was changing?

Who was the dude fully aware that the power they have is not of this world?

Will Tsukasa ever chose a waifu?

The potential for so much is right there and I really kind of hope we have a second season to explore it.

Potential Reached

We have a theme this week as you might be able to tell and we’ll start the next one off with our own whacky version of Sherlock Holmes.

He finally caught Jack in a episode that totally fulfilled the potential the case had to be amazing.

It was simplistic yet all part of a twisty-turny plot that Sherlock, Moriarty and Irene had all come up with. We saw good character moments between those three and Watson, every row house detective was in the episode and the revelation of who Jack was as well as his motive was creepy, well explained and as dark and twisted as Jack the Ripper in any universe should be.

Kabukicho Sherlock has always been a fun series to watch but it showed its full potential in the best possible way.

Can we really claim that Average Abilities has only just reached its full potential? I mean it keeps wrecking any barrier you think it won’t reach and blows everything out of the park?

The Sad Downward Spiral of Rista

I talked above about the potential that Cautious Hero had and Rista is one character who had plenty of potential that turned first into a overly stupid sex joke, then into the butt of ANY joke before in this episode being turned into a true Damsel with no real use other then to be saved by the hero.

She’s a Goddess and that is all she is there for.

To be saved by Seiya. To WISH to be saved by Seiya. For her very last moments to be totally aimed at thinking about a guy who has never said a nice word about her, who basically classes her help as below that of a healing herb and who is basically plucking her hair out without her permission.

That is how far Rista has fallen.


Average Abilities has that ridiculous ability to make me cry at the smallest of things.

I was sent home the day I watched this episode because I really hurt my back at work, it got to the point that I couldn’t even pick anything up I was in so much pain so the two very violent outbursts of emotion I had were not welcomed yet made me love the show even more anyway.

First up it was the question of what happens when Mile dies, she got her answer in some form and when she was asked if she could die peacefully I literally nearly rolled off the sofa laughing from her happy Yep! But then the question wasn’t a hypothetical one anymore, as we all know Mile is Average on the scale of the weakest thing on this planet and the strongest thing and she just so happened to come up against the strongest thing in this episode and…

She’s dead.

This show is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever seen and I don’t want Mile to die.

Who Woulda Thunk it?

So we now know who Jack was in Kabukicho Sherlock and I have to say that it was pretty amazing.

I won’t say who it was and try to keep it spoiler free but it wasn’t someone I ever thought it would be. I mean I thought that character had bad intentions but of a totally different kind. It kept their world small whilst making it terrifyingly big and from beginning to end episode 11 of this show was just one tense and emotional roller coaster.

Honestly tell me whether or not you had ever guessed it would be THAT character?!

Remember the Gift From the Gods is!


I don’t think I go on about it enough but I love mayonnaise and I remember watching the episode where they gave Elm Village Mayo and when they were talking about the greatest invention in food or whatever it was they were saying I was just there going “its Mayo, anything but Mayo is wrong” then it bloody was Mayo and I died because…

I literally eat everything with Mayonnaise.

Forget democracy, forget freeing people from basically slavery, it was the Mayo that was the true gift in High School Prodigies.

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