After School Dice Club : The Place We All Love [END]

Episode 12

Watashitachi no Daisuki na Basho” (私たちの大好きな場所)

We finally have to say goodbye to the After School Dice Club as one of the sweetest series of the year ends in the happiest way it could.

This episode really hit home as we really see how Miki see’s herself.

She’s shy and introverted, doesn’t really have a plan for the future and scared that all her friends with their grand dreams will move on and forget about her.

As I said in the last review it is a understandable feeling it just didn’t need to be brought up in the last episode.

That being said it was dealt with in quite a sweet way in this episode with Miki feeling lonely and fate just having it that she couldn’t see her friends for a few different reasons but the people around her picking up on something not being right and informing the others when they could.

Every character we’d met were in the episode even if it was just for a instance, characters like George Bedford finally made their big impact whilst others like the Manager were able to show that they were more then just people there for the sake of it but actually cared and noticed the girls and how they act.

It was really sweet.

What it also did was show us we don’t really know that much about Miki. We know nothing about her home life and just know she was lonely, you think her story was completed but then you are reminded, which sounds stupid for a introvert that suffers from severe shyness, that it is going to be a life long battle with a lot of anxiety tied into losing the things you love.

Of course the answer is people come and go in your life but those that love you will never truly be gone.

Just because Emmy plans on returning to Germany when she leaves school and Midori might go to America whilst Aya has a million different plans doesn’t mean they won’t still be friends and won’t still be able to play games together.

It was just a nice way to end the series off with a happy ending that didn’t mean anyone had to change or Miki had to look beyond her happiness at present.

I cried. Of course I did. When don’t I cry?

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