Vinland Saga : Miscalculation

Episode 23

 “Gosan” (誤算)

With the duel falling in Askeladd’s favour and his words of wisdom ringing through both Thorfinn and Canute’s head it is time for the main characters of this story to have their paths set for them once more.

It was quite the subdued episode honestly.

We had Thorfinn thrown in prison after causing a rackus on his way back to town and Sweyn and Askeladd fighting a war of intelligence without ever coming in contact with each other during the ceremony over the victory of England.

I don’t really know where all the paths are going to lead but it was interesting to get Thorfinn not just away from Canute and Askeladd for a change but in a different state of mind. This time his loss was a very real loss and he was feeling it so when Leif talks to him this time he was talking to a defeated child that had nothing else to lose.

He couldn’t win him over with talks of home but reminding him of his dream to visit Vinland and the fact it was also Thors dream seems to have awoken something inside of Thorfinn.

What that is we will have to see, I don’t see this series being able to move on with the Canute story if Thorfinn decides to leave for Vinland but at the same time the show is called Vinland Saga. Whatever it is that Thorfinn decides we’ll have to wait and see though because we didn’t even get the slightest clue of how he is feeling in this episode, he’s defeated and sad and still a little grumpy but that is all we saw.

On the other side it was interesting seeing the game of mental chess that all the people in the politics game are playing.

Askeladd has won this battle but he got ahead of himself thinking he had won the war. Just as he thought he was one up on everyone he let his weakness be seen and when the war on Wales is announced Floki notices the chink in his armour and reports it back to the King who by the end of the episode calls upon Askeladd to stand before him.

What either side truly has planned is all a mystery too, the King has rightfully picked Askeladd out as the threat among Canute’s group, not that he isn’t very wary of Thorkell but he knows that Thorkell’s threat comes very much in a frontal attack, and now they have something on him. They don’t know what it is yet but that one moment that he let his guard down was enough and now he isn’t going to be able to think clearly as he tries to work out a plan to make sure war doesn’t come to Wales.

Again I have no idea exactly what it is that the King wants with Askeladd but I don’t think it’ll be anything good. Maybe they’ll decide to split him up from Canute instead of Thorkell like they thought was going to happen, maybe he is going to out him as a traitor of some sort knowing that he was the one that orchestrated the assassination to spread rumours that the King was trying to kill Canute. With Thorfinn now in jail it would be easy to try to pin everything on Askeladd and Thorfinn.

Whatever that problem is though again it is something we won’t know until the next episode.

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