No Guns Life : Owner

Episode 11

Shoyūsha” (所有者)

We ended last episode with Pepper showing up to confront Juzo but what exactly is it she wants?

Quite a bit happened in this episode whilst at the same time nothing at all happened.

Again I didn’t realise this series was going to be a 24 episode one so it was a baffling episode until it dawned on me to check whether it was going to be ongoing and then it made sense.

Everything pivoted so that the show could move onto maybe a very different feeling second half.

Gone is the story about Tetsuro being hunted instead the bad guys look to be Pepper and Seven, a Gun Slave Unit and his Hand. Pepper has apparently fallen in love with Juzo and is out to claim him as her own by beating him, this results in this episode with Juzo losing his left arm and her licking him to call dibs.

Whilst the fight with Seven was interesting, we had a few bits of information here and there and a quick flash to the backstory of Juzo it just felt empty.

It didn’t feel as long as it was. I was surprised when the episode ended if I’m honest because the introduction of a actual case for Juzo to work, and one that seems real interesting, took me by surprise. I can’t wait to see more of Juzo at work and happy that Mary tagged along with him on the case.

The rest of the episode though I honestly couldn’t tell you what took up so much time!

Not that it is a bad thing, it pivoted pretty well from having the focus on Juzo and Tetsuro constantly on the run and looking behind them to getting to actually see Juzo doing his job which is interesting as we’ve seen when he worked with Kronen. I can’t wait to see what the second half of the season brings and I do hope there are a few stand alone adventures that maybe point us in a different direction then a big show off between Juzo and whoever for the finale.

For now I’d be happy with adventures though.

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