Kabukicho Sherlock : Jack the Ripper

Episode 11

Kirisaki Jakku” (切り裂きジャック)

We finally know who Jack the Ripper is and it isn’t who the show left you thinking it might be.


Also I can’t not really name who Jack is so if you don’t want to know VERY BIG SPOILERS AHEAD.

This episode was so good I felt gobsmacked after watching it.

Obviously the last episode was a marathon for the brain. We followed Watson who had come to the conclusion that Moriarty was Jack the Ripper just for Sherlock to debunk that theory, claim John as Jack and banish him from his life before Kyogoku stepped in to help.

We left on the news that Kyogoku was Jack?

This episode made that episode look like a light brain jog around the park.

Everything blew up into some great big conspiracy that has everyone from Moran to Kyogoku involved whether intentionally or not.

We find out that Irene is alive, which isn’t a big surprise when you think about it, and that all of this was one big plot to use Watson as bait to find Jack. I loved Watson getting angry not because he was bait and his life was put on the line but because he honestly cared and worried about Sherlock.

That was a wonderful moment that cemented this Sherlock and Watson as one of my all time favourites.

So what of Kyogoku?

I loved that this turned out to be Maki.

It seems like such a odd character but it also kind of made sense. I mean it is going to be a super sensitive topic in general because of who Maki is but I liked the logic that it was in some way down to her psychological problems with her gender. Like it wasn’t just a pervert, she was a pervert in some ways but there was some kind of psychological problem to it as well. It wasn’t just a rehash of “woman hating dude stalking everyone” and had some horrific story to it instead.

My problem is I don’t want to be insensitive talking about it either but I just liked that they gave Jack the Ripper a real motive instead of just taking a serial killer that is well known for being around roughly in the same time period that Sherlock Holmes is from and therefore always being pitted against Holmes and gave us a better story then just a bog standard Jack.

Not only that but it tied in with Moriarty too.

We finally learn who he is and I kind of like that this version of that character seems to be a decent human.

Sure your definition of decent has to be stretched a little, I don’t think his actions in this episode will really effect my view on him because of the nature of the entire situation, but in general he’s just a nice character.

Him talking to Maki was one of the hardest things I’ve ever seen and whilst I think his sisters last words were pretty convoluted and silly, I mean I don’t think I’ll be thinking of saying anything so pretty and poetic whilst being constantly stabbed, the entire scene turned my stomach in the way it should.

This episode was just so good.

I really want to see what happens next for Kyogoku, the pain on his face when everyone left and I guess he realised what everyone else had come to realise was super painful to see and I love his character so want to see if he at least gets to move on and still work cases with the others.

Also it’ll be interesting to see where Watson and Sherlock’s relationship goes and how Irene and Moriarty will play a part in the rest of the series.

Again this is a series I have just learnt will be running into the Winter Season so we now have to refocus on something new.

More Mrs Hudson please.


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