High School Prodigies Have it Easy Even in Another World : It Seems High School Prodigies Have it Easy In Another World! [END]

Episode 12

Chōjin-kokoseitachi wa isekai demo yoyu de ikinuku yōdesu!” ( 超人高校生たちは異世界でも余裕で生き抜くようです!!)

I started this show on false pretenses but have grown to realise that it was much more then it ever looked like it would be.

We have a super dramatic ending to a super interesting series.

Oslo el Gustav ended up being the biggest threat to the Seven Light Faith but also a blessing in disguise.

Not even a atomic bomb could take him out, of course that would be too easy, but it also meant that when he finally showed up in front of everyone he ended up turning himself into some kind of demon giving them another religious image of the “Angels” defeating this old Empires actual “Demon” who came to take away the freedom of the people that were rebelling.

This felt like the end of Chapter one not only in the story of the entire group and the forming of a new world in this new world that they are in but for Tsukasa himself.

Gustav didn’t just die, when he did he left words echoing around Tsukasa’s head leading to him questioning himself and what he is doing.

His point is a bit stupid though, he acts like what he does anyone can do and it isn’t really that special but absolutely all of them are using techniques that anyone else could use they just use them better then anyone else through natural skill and being a people person is a skill that you aren’t born with just some people are naturally better then others.

That being said it opens up the door to a interesting character story down the line if there are more series and I kind of hope they do go on.

We see glimpses of all sorts of people who could come into play next, we know exactly where the Seven Light Faith want to go and of course there is always room for the story to stop moving forward world wise and just stick to building their own nation right here for the minute. This episode gave us plenty wiggle room for just about anything going forward and it is one of those shows you kind of hope does have a next season so that you can see where the Prodigies take it all.

Still don’t like the Lyrule/Ringo stuff but happy that Ringo got to be a little more confident in talking to Tsukasa and getting her point out there in the episode. Still love Winona so much.

Still can’t believe there is a show that basically treats Mayo like some godly invention. Highlight of Anna’s year that is for sure.

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