Fairy Gone 2 : Freed Sky – Joined Hands [END]

Episode 24

Hanata Reta Sora Tsunaidate” (放たれた空 つないだ手)

It is time for the big ending to one of the most odd series I’ve ever watched.

Not odd for what it is but how I ended up feeling.

It ended how it started.

Everyone fighting in a big amazingly dramatic fight sequence.

This series had a whole bunch of potential that in a way I feel it squandered by focusing on the same things all the time and not really letting stories rest to tell others or world build but in a way because of that whatever the end was it just would feel like a decent ending.

Sure it is sad that after 24 episodes of us having to hear Maryla cry about Veronica that Veronica finally passed away in her battle to help Maryla free the Fairy stuck in the Divine Beasts body but after everything was there ever going to be a more satisfying ending for Veronica? Or Maryla? Or anyone?

We can sit here and wish that they had a happy ending but that doesn’t really feel like something this series was built for.

Veronica was broken from everything that happened to her and wanted to atone for the same reasons that Maryla did. Both had survivors guilt, both were angry and confused and felt abandoned by the world so whilst Maryla had found a family to look after her from now on Veronica never really fit in.

It was a lot of stuff that just meant very little as is the way for most of Fairy Gone.

Yet it was perfect in how it ended.

I really hated this series so much.

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