Best of… TV 2019

We don’t watch TOO much TV during the year but here we have a look back at some of the shows we have watched, most of which we’ve reviewed, that we enjoyed this year.

Usually either BBC or Netflix stuff.

10. Green Eggs and Ham

Now this is going to sound really stupid compared to everything else on this list but as someone with two young nieces and one a lot younger then the other I sometimes have to endure a bunch of kids programs I would never otherwise watch.

Green Eggs and Ham was actually delightful to watch, there isn’t much from the source material to make a full TV series about but they incorporated the entire “I do not like it Sam I Am” stuff into a really fun little story involving Sam, Guy and a bunch of other really random characters.

It also had a surprisingly strong voice cast with Adam DeVine as Sam, Michael Douglas as Guy, Eddie Izzard as the evil Snerz and Diane Keaton as the mother of the young E.B. it had quality written all over it.

Whilst it is a weird concept to bring to life it was really fun and I added it because why not?

9. The Boys

Super Hero fatigue is a very big thing right now which makes it funny that two super hero shows are on this list but The Boys was something a little different just after the culmination of Marvels big story we had evil Superheroes doing bad things.

It was just perfectly timed.

From its characters to its story it was a little bit different and a whole bunch of fun whilst turning a genre that has been over saturated recently on its head.

We are all looking forward to its second season.

8. Ghosts

We all love the Horrible Histories gang and this year they came back with a bang with their ghostly adventure simply called Ghost.

It was the story of how a modern couple brought a house and after a accident one of them starts seeing the ghostly inhabitants that had been stuck in the house from the age of dawn in some cases.

Of all the shows they’ve done it wasn’t the best of them but it grew on us and by the end of the season we had fallen in love with the ridiculous characters, silly situations and absolute love that was poured into one of the funniest shows on TV this year.

From Robin the caveman and his heartfelt speech on life and death to watching Julian try to use computers with his ability to just about be able to touch things, everything about the series was just lovely and we are so happy a second and third season have been commissioned giving us plenty more adventures with the inhabitants of Button Hall.

7. Watchmen

I loved the Watchmen movie, I loved what I read of the comics and I kind of loved the TV series as well.

Now I’m not saying it was the best thing ever, some episodes felt all over the place and jumbled up and there were some story points that made me scratch my head but overall the show was fantastic.

I’d love to say it was the story of Angela Abar that made it great but honestly?

It really was the original Minute Men that made the show. From John and his ridiculous stuck in all of time bullshit that made Angela a important part of the story to the bizarre world that Ozy was stuck in to the kick assedness of Laurie, everything was fantastic.

It was such a good series and again something a little different after Disney had finally managed to fatigue most people on Superhero’s with End Game.

6. Good Omens

Neil Gaiman had one focus with this series. To make a adaptation of the story he wrote with the late great Terry Pratchett that the magical writer would have loved.

He did that and more.

With such a wonderful cast that brought to life the relationships and craziness of the world of Aziraphale, Crowley, Adam, Anathema and Newton Pulsifer.

It was wonderfully colourful and totally crazy and you just had to fall in love with the on screen chemistry of Michael Sheen and David Tennant as the unlikely duo tried to change the fate of the world the best that they could.

Maybe just how long ago I watched this means that it ended up lower but I couldn’t watch any episode without tearing up and thinking about how much Sir Terry would love this adaptation. It was perfect.

5. His Dark Materials

Sometimes the BBC are lazy, sometimes they fail to live up to their own expectations but His Dark Materials was one of the most beautifully acted and wonderfully visual shows on all of television let alone the BBC this year.

I, along with Amanda, will never stop saying how wonderful Dafne Keen was as Lyra. She was the absolute best of a show full of top class acting.

That wasn’t just it though. From the CGI on the Bears to the world itself and just how much the story broke your heart not a single thing in this show was done half assed. Everything about the show was just amazing and breathtaking.

It was another show that had me in tears more then it didn’t, I even cried whilst editing some of the reviews for it. The only reason it wasn’t higher is because most that is above it was continuations of series we already loved and probably the only thing that had a more dramatic impact on us then this did.

What a fantastic showing from the BBC.

4. Silicon Valley 6

I really wanted this to be number 1.

Silicon Valley has for six years been the highlight of my year, its cast were amazing and the story was fun. It was a story of success but also humans and how success is fleeting.

This was the end of a story that I had invested so much into from its humble beginnings as a dream in Richard’s mind to a company that flew way too close to the sun and crashed before it could truly take off.

It had a bit of everything.

Whilst at its heart it was a comedy you got attached to the characters and their stories whether it was Jared and how lonely he was and how others saw through him or the friendship between Dinesh and Gilfoyle. You always wanted the company and guys to succeed but in a way the end to this series was the only way for it to end and whilst it wasn’t the ending we all hoped for them it was the ending that was needed.

Silicon Valley is going to be one of the most missed additions to my life going forward.

Its final episode was one of the most fantastic finales ever made.

3. Chernobyl

We get it now, Chernobyl isn’t historically accurate.

That being said it was a TV show that brought a horrific event that many had never thought about to the forefront of people’s minds and showed just how terrifying it was not just for those who got caught up in it but those who tried to save those caught in it, those who were innocent bystanders and those who had to attempt to save the world afterwards.

It deserved all the praise it got because whilst those who know a lot about it complained that it wasn’t accurate it was still a important story to be told and I feel it was handled with a lot of respect and care.

Not to mention its entire cast were amazing.

Personally I had to actually not recommend it to some people because I knew how badly it would affect them. It was such a horrific thing to witness that not everyone can watch it but those who could learnt a lesson on how humans create some of the worst things to happen to the planet and how things that to some are now the setting of badly made horror stories was a real life horror story for many thousands of people who to this day are still suffering.

2. Stranger Things 3

This only got beat to number one due to personal reasons.

Stranger Things from its beginning was a unique and wonderful experience and Series 3 was no different. Each and every series has been amazing, not only a wonderful and well put together story but a great ode to the 80s and many things that so many people loved growing up.

Specially my generation.

In a way this was the end of the story so far with a new story on the horizon.

With it being the end of the story so far it meant saying goodbye to some of the characters we loved and seeing a change in just about everything. Not only because of the science fiction aspect but because this is at its heart the story of the kids growing up and the next part of growing up is relationships and this series had plenty of very normal kid relationship stuff that made you laugh and cry.

Specially Dustin and his girlfriend singing the Never Ending Story song.

Boy was it good.

1. Atypical 3

Now many people will disagree but like every year these are put together but at least three people and a lot of personal opinion.

I am on the Spectrum, I identify quite heavily with a lot of things that Sam suffers with but specially the sensory things and social aspects. I get over stimulated easily and panic which can lead to anxiety attacks or me lashing out in some way, I also don’t really know how to deal with people so my relationships end up being very strained.

That puts Atypical in a special place in my heart because more then anything it is one of the first shows that showed someone like me in a really good light.

Season 3 saw Sam go through a lot of big changes and learn a lot of hard lessons whether it be that he can’t always be good at things or that sometimes the right path doesn’t give you the results you want. His relationship with Zahid was one of the absolute best parts of this season as it was in the first two.

It was just heart warming as always and so easy to fall in love with all the cast.

Honestly my favourite show.


To be honest number 1 is a very personal thing for me as someone with borderline Autism who suffers from a bunch of things that Sam does in the show it means a lot to see a character portrayed so well in a show.

Also the inclusion of Green Eggs and Ham was what pushed The Dark Crystal out of the top 10 and I put it there because I honestly do believe that it was one of the best shows that probably not many people have heard of because it is a kids show but I really enjoyed it.

Other things that we’ve even talked about on this blog probably were worth mentioning, Netflix continues to put out some amazing shows and I’m sure there are a bunch of BBC things I’ve seen through the year that I’ve forgotten, plus Rick and Morty is currently airing and that has been amazing and being in the UK The Mandalorian will have to wait till next year to be judged unfortunately as I’ve been good and not tried to find it before Disney Plus arrives for us.

We’re planning on trying to cover more TV in the new year so feel free to Tweet us or just shout at us if there is something you want to see reviewed.

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