Best Of… Anime Side Characters 2019

So it is here once more our end of year blogs.

Without the grand influx of wrestling blogs I’m afraid the anime ones are going to be the main focus now but we’ll try and add some random things in the middle of them.

We start off with the side characters of 2019!

(Just so you know some will have Top 10s others might end up being Top 5s and we do have a Worst Of… which includes both the shows and the characters because honestly? We’re not that negative if we can help it but there were a few things that we thought deserved to be called out.)

5. Benimaru (Fire Force


This is kind of one that I just begged to be put in. To be honest we didn’t have much of a list but I really honestly loved Beni so much that I wanted him to be added.

Fire Force had a huge problem at the beginning of its season, that problem was that it unfortunately rushed just about everything.

Beni and the story of his Company was one of the first stories that felt natural and didn’t feel rushed which meant that Beni was one of the first characters outside the 8th that we were allowed to learn about and love.

His methods were different from that of the 8th and at first it was odd seeing the way he destroyed things in some kind of spectacle when the people in his care were turned into Infernals but you learnt that this was how the people WANTED to go and not a single one of them cared about the damage they wanted the honor of being put to their final rest by Beni.

Not only that going forward he also helped unlock the potential of both Arthur and Shinra which was a lovely moment.

I honestly loved Beni and I hope that if there is a second series that he is a major part of it.

4. Biwa Hoshi (Dororo)


I really felt like Biwa Hoshi was a underrated character.

From the beginning of the story to the end he was a constant giving advice, helping out as much as he could or just genuinely being there and caring for those around him.

He was a great voice of reason, a moral compass and gave Dororo all the warnings she needed to help her friend in his time of need. He was honestly one of the most well rounded and simple characters who wandered this world without being able to see yet was the one that was able to see the most.

Even without any kind of notes to look at he was always going to be on this list for me.

3. Boss (Shield Hero


Another character who was kind of there from the beginning giving support and wisdom yet is kind of overlooked.

The owner of the weapon shop who came to be known as Boss was the only person in the city that didn’t turn his back on Naofumi after he was accused of raping the Princess. He tried his best to help him and came to care for the group that ended up working with Naofumi.

It was just nice to see someone would listen to sense, see both sides of the story and not kick someone when they were already down.

2. Lutz (Ascendance of a Bookworm)


Now I HATED Ascendance of a Bookworm but there were a bunch of side characters who I loved and Lutz was one of them.

He was the only person to figure out that Main wasn’t really Main and whilst I gave up on the show because he didn’t hold her to task, kind of giving her a break because he didn’t really know the old Main so his feelings were for the new Main, he still more often then not was the voice of reason when her more selfish tendencies were on show.

Maybe Lutz wasn’t enough to save the series for me but I feel like he gave it a good try and honestly being one of the best characters in a show that I found so horrid is a big thing.

Good on ya Lutz.

1. Tamaki (Fire Force)


I actually wanted to stop watching Fire Force thanks to Tamaki.

Her Lucky Lechery was nearly enough to totally put me off watching the series as a whole so how did she end up here?

Fire Force as I keep saying had a very rocky start for me. Rushed stories, characters with no development and at the top of my list of complaints was that Tamaki was purely there for terrible sex jokes.

Take away the terrible sex jokes, use the Lucky Lechery right and Tamaki became a character I really enjoyed spending time with.

Out of every character I this year I can honestly say I haven’t done a bigger U Turn then I have with Tamaki and it has got to the point where I really want to see where he life with the 8th goes. She’s only there on suspension but I kind of would be super sad if she returned to the 1st at any point. She’s working so hard to be useful for her team and I kind of hope that continues.


Now I would also like to say that I’ve probably missed a whole bunch that I loved from this list. If I’m honest I still fail to keep a decent record of things like this throughout the year and it is hard to separate a side character from a main character sometimes. It is something I hope to get better at next year.

That being said there are some honourable mentions to characters like Gabiru who like Luts made a show that I ended up hating more bearable and actually had a decent story to tell in them as well as Jukai who wasn’t overall that important to the story of Dororo but who was incredibly interesting in the long term.

Also people I just love for no reason like Ginro and Kinro (or most of Dr. Stone) and Lutz from Fire Force.

That being said Tamaki really was a standout after a rocky start and I want to give her credit as a character after I nearly stopped watching Fire Force because of her but loved her by the end.

2 thoughts on “Best Of… Anime Side Characters 2019”

  1. The Weapon Shop Owner’s (the guy that you’ve called
    “Boss”) name is “Elhart”, actually.

    I did notice in one of the posts from 2015 you ask who the reader’s picks would be for the same category, but you didn’t this time. Personally, side characters are even harder to pick than main characters due to the ambiguity between “main” and “side characters”, but I wouldn’t be able to pick between Reigen (Mob Psycho), Akihiko and Haruki (Given) and Tetsuro (No Guns Life) if I made a list for this particular topic…of course, I didn’t think about it, which is why I’m doing so as I type this comment.

    1. Yeah I knew that but Luc reviewed the series and forever remembered the name so I just left it at Boss.

      Reigen is a good shout, I think my problem was I wrote a ton of notes earlier in the year then accidentally deleted them because I’m a idiot and it was harder to think of who I had put down for it for earlier seasons. I think things like The Promised Neverland and Rising of the Shield Hero stuck out more just because of how much we enjoyed the series but I now feel bad for forgetting Reigen as he is amazing as a character.

      We always welcome people to comment! I think I have put it on most of the end of year blogs I don’t really know why I didn’t in this one.

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