Assassins Pride : Messenger of Death

Episode 11

Shinigami no Tsukai-tachi” (死神の使いたち)

Another week and another plot just once more it never makes half as much sense as it seems to think it will.

So this plan that made no sense last episode turned out to be Mule and Salacha helping Melida and Eli complete a task in the library so they can get hold of the book that they are awarded after beating the task which categorically tells the person what their class is.

Melida’s book told her she was a Samurai which we need to believe means it is undeniable proof she isn’t a Angel and which Mule steals from Salacha who had stolen it from Melida so she could give it to the head of the order to once and for all prove that Melida Angel is a Bastard and therefore…


This is the problem.

We’ve been dropped into this world with no real knowledge of what it is or why anything matters. Why if Melida Angel is a Bastard does it mean she needs to be killed? Why is it 100% scientific fact that a child of one house will ALWAYS be one certain class? Why isn’t Kufa more interested in how she gained his powers when he tried to kill her?

They haven’t given us any information on any of that kind of stuff so why then should we care about a order that wants to prove or disprove Melida is a Angel?

Because they want to disgrace her and kill her?

Well from the very beginning of this series someone or something has been attempting to kill Melida in every single episode so it isn’t like we didn’t realise this was going to happen. It is the underlying theme of the series that Melida must be killed for many different reasons whether it be to implant the correct class in her or just get rid of her in general it doesn’t matter.

So why should we care?

At this point it has got to the point that she’s been the target of so many assassinations and is basically one step away from fucking the assassin that originally was sent to kill her that there is no real danger.

I’m excited to see what is going to happen with her and Mule after Mule activated magic when Melida cornered her but that is mainly because I like the idea of the magic books. I also like Mule as a character and want to see what she has to say for herself.

I’m beyond believing that they will ever actually tell us what is going on or why any of this is important but the reason I continue to watch is because the stories aren’t super bad just never makes any sense and the characters are pretty decent overall.

I just wish the main story made more sense.

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