A Christmas Carol : Chapter Three : A Bag of Gravel

You might have noticed that I am not in any way enjoying this series but I thought I would watch the final episode anyway and it didn’t disappoint me in making me hate it even more.

How do you possibly make A Christmas Carol terrible?

By adding in unnecessary garbage to try and make you feel even sadder for those who didn’t need anything else added to their story to make you feel sad, by making everything more horrible then it needs be and taking away any of the happiness to replace it with bleakness.

It honestly feels like whoever made this decided that they wanted to strip away any of the good things in the story and throw in every horrible little depressing thing they could think of in its place. Gone is the story of a man in his race for greed stepping on those around him and in its place is the story of a man who was abused as a child who decided to abuse those around him.

Not everything has to be dark, gritty and very realistic. Sometimes a classic tale can just be a classic tale.

Amazingly also you don’t have to “adapt” or “base” your new very miserable story off of a classic just to sell it. When someone tunes in to a show that is meant to be A Christmas Carol of course they want to see the parts of the story that they have enjoyed countless times before in the many hundreds of ways that you can enjoy this story.

Instead in its place was a very empty attempt at shocking and scaring a adult audience.

It bored me.

Not to mention they built up to the first ghost and everything else over two episodes then rushed the second two in basically the second half of the final episode. They made the Cratchit’s unlikeable and seemed confused on whether they wanted us to like, feel sorry for or hate Scrooge with a passion.

This is what happens when someone takes something well loved, puts their spin on it without actually seemingly knowing what it is about the story that the audience loves and made other adaptations loved.

One thought on “A Christmas Carol : Chapter Three : A Bag of Gravel”

  1. Yeah I hated it.

    I agree that whoever made this kind of missed the entire point of the story. It really did feel like they wanted to do the most adult version of this story they could make and in the end the moral of the story is what?

    There is no redemption?

    Scrooge might have changed but we never saw how he changed and he literally brought his way out of it. The point was meant to be that love is more important then money yet because they made Scrooge’s crimes so awful that he couldn’t be forgiven or even really redeemed.

    So what was the point?

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