His Dark Materials : Betrayal

Episode 8

Was there ever to be a happy ending when children have to rise up and fight for their own freedom against the greed of adults?

The answer is in anything else maybe but this?

We set out on a quest to save Billy and Roger and just a few episodes after Billy died and just as we save Roger we also lose Roger.

I say constantly that this series is so good because of the acting and this episode was such a emotional gut punch thanks to that. From the harrowing scenes watching as Billy and Salcilia were separated to seeing Lyra’s reaction, Coulter and Asriel’s reunion to Lyra’s goodbye to Iorek.

Every scene wasn’t just beautiful but filled with so much emotion that I found myself holding my breath as the episode marched on to the inevitable ending.

There were some really good moments in this episode but the strength really lay in Dafne Keen who held the episode together whether she was talking to CGI beasts or human cast members. She really was the shining star of this series and made you care so much about Lyra and her journey that as she makes her way to try and find dust to protect it from Asriel you felt just as helpless as she did.

Again I have no knowledge of the books or where the story goes from here but it looks like Lyra and Will are heading in the same direction and a whole bunch of characters we love are being left behind. It is time for two children to protect what adults want to destroy.

I kind of felt that Asriel wasn’t the good guy to Coulter’s bad guy, their stories are so entwined that it makes sense that in some way they want the same thing yet totally different things. It makes you trust less and less people that you meet along the way. I do kind of hope that this isn’t goodbye to most of the cast though and whilst James McAvoy is a fantastic actor I would be heartbroken if Coulter isn’t around for the second series as Ruth Wilson has been terrifying throughout.

His Dark Materials has been one of the highlights of my year and I’m heartbroken it is over but even more so how it ended.

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