A Christmas Carol : Chapter Two : The Human Heart

After a lackluster first episode we continue the journey of BBC’s newest adaptation of one of the most classic Christmas stories in the world.

There was a mouse and Scrooge threw it out of a window.

It was a bit much if I’m honest.

I’m sure I remember quite a good deal of A Christmas Carol and can’t remember Scrooge ever being sexually assaulted, I feel like whoever wrote this tried very much to make it the most over the top and ridiculously grim version of the story that we could possibly ever have to deal with.

One of the saddest parts of A Christmas Carol was watching how greed and material things can destroy someone. The search for everything will leave you with nothing because it isn’t the money or the clothes that keep you warm and make you happy but those you spend your time with and share their love with you.

This adaptation seems hellbent on making everything have more meaning.

It is like someone is trying to tell us that greed isn’t a real thing but everyone has some traumatic past that they need to get over. Scrooge couldn’t just be a person who lost himself in his need to be better then others but had to be a sexually abused child.

Both Guy Pearce and Andy Serkis were amazing in the episode and I loved how creepy Serkis was in the episode, not that I ever didn’t think Serkis could do creepy, that didn’t stop the episode from being just a whole bunch too much for me.

That was only the first thing we had to go back and watch.

Everything was over the top, everything was really horrific and sad. It just lost any kind of charm from the original story, any charm the other adaptations ever had and just did its best to shock and disgust adults.

Maybe that is where it went wrong.

Making it totally unwatchable for children means that they can make it more adult which in itself meant that they went down the path of being grim for the sake of it, having horrific things happening just to shock.

None of which meant anything.

All of it getting further and further away from the story we all know and love.

The Majority of it being padding for a very slow and boring show.

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