A Christmas Carol : Chapter One : The Human Beast

A Christmas Carol is a necessity in many houses at Christmas time whether it be the actual story, one of a million adaptations or indeed the Muppets own version which just so happens to be this sites favourite version of all time.

The BBC once more has adapted the story for new audiences with Scrooge himself being played by Guy Pearce.

Was it worth it though?

I have to say honestly I don’t think it was.

It felt like they tried to make a actual terrifying adaptation just for adults but they padded what is actually quite a fast story to the point that by the time anything interesting started to happen I had lost all concentration.

Whilst the cast is good and Pearce as Scrooge is a interesting choice that paid off well I just couldn’t get into it long enough for that to matter.

Personally I don’t feel we needed the extra drama with the Cratchit family and have no interest in what is going on with Mary and her obvious lie about more family, neither do I see why we had to have a giant fire in London being blamed on Scrooge to prove any kind of point. Also why did we have to spend even half as long with Marley as we did? Sure Stephen Graham was one of the best parts of this episode but I had no interest in meeting the Ghost of Christmas Past with Marley and I would have much rather seen him show up the way he did at the end and that be it.

They tried to make it super dramatic and extremely gruesome but you can’t put people to sleep before all the interesting bits happen and expect people to care about those interesting parts.

Which is a shame because Marley’s haunting of Scrooge was actually really well done and the ghosts seem to be pretty well thought out, or at least Andy Serkis as the Ghost of Christmas Past was.

I will watch hoping that it gets better but it just feels like they are bloating it out for the sake of it.

Not only that but the ghosts are visiting him over three nights which just makes it seem like it’ll go on forever and ever. The charm in the Christmas Carol is seeing how Scrooge has a change of heart in one night after seeing where he came from, what is happening around him and what people will feel about him when he is gone.

We don’t need to feel more sorry for anyone or hate Scrooge more then we usually do.

It is just too much.

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