Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! : Didn’t I Say Arrogance Leads to Trouble?!

Episode 11

Manshin wa kinmotsu tte Itta yo ne!” (慢心は禁物って言ったよね!)

What happens if I die or something?

That is the question that Mile asks of her friends in this episode. One they didn’t want to ever answer.

How many times do I have to say that this series has those little moments that leave me crying in a corner because it was so emotional and so good for a show that at its heart is just meant to be a fun romp with a bunch of sweet characters?

From horrifyingly sad backstories to pretty serious current events the show has had it all.

This episode, as I’ve already said, had Mile ask the others what exactly are they expecting to do if she just leaves. By leave she didn’t mean walk out of the group but get ill or eventually die. As the title itself says Mile saw that the others had become complacent knowing that she would always be there to back her up and she wanted proof they could cope without her.

Which they kind of do.

I really liked that part of the episode. I mean I loved every part of the episode but I had in the back of my mind been wondering about their progression as a group. They do tend to need Mile there with them to sort things out and we hadn’t really seen them grow without her.

This episode showed that they had and that they weren’t complacent at all and were very aware they needed to keep training and getting better.

That being said it didn’t take long for the question “can you die in peace now” to be asked and Mile to foreshadow the cliffhanger by agreeing Yep she could die in peace.

Then a Elder Dragon showed up and there was lots of blood and fighting and yeah.

I think this is a really interesting place to take the show. On the one hand you don’t really believe that Mile has died, whilst it looks that way at the same time she’s already died and been brought back to life in this world so there is a good chance we’ll see her either revived in the inbetween place once more and maybe asking for more power to defeat the Elder Dragon or just get revived anyway.

Like… This is a cute and sweet show right?! The main character won’t just die will she?!

Then again isn’t it nice that I’m sat here confident she won’t die but still very worried yet excited to see if it is going to expand on her life, what happened to her and everything else. The ruins they found the Elder Dragon in is covered in carvings of things from our world, things that Mile knows about, so there is obviously a interesting story building there and I really can’t wait to see how it plays out.

That being said right not the show just made me cry again.

Every damn time.

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