To The Moon (5 Hours Played)

Another one of those random purchases that you can never remember exactly why you bought the game and then it sits in your library forever waiting for the day you are curious enough to try and remember what it was about the adverts or reviews or screencaps on Steam that made you want to play it.

Be warned though To The Moon is a game you should play with plenty of tissues on hand and never EVER before bedtime.

It is a story driven game so if you are looking for a bit of action and something to keep your hands busy then it isn’t going to be for you. If you want a fantastic story with crazy characters, loads of random geek culture nods and a beautiful soundtrack then this really is going to be your favourite game.

When I say it is a story game I really mean it too as the entire point of the game is to learn the memories of one Johnny Wyles and implant fake memories so that he believed that he got to the moon. What we get though is the sad story of Johnny and his wife River.

It is a story of death, love and the dream to go to the Moon.

The story kind of gets told backwards as the main characters, Eva and Neil, work their way back into Johnny’s memory to find the time and place to start implanting the seeds to change his memories so he ended up in Space instead of what he actually did with his life. Instead they go back far enough to see the struggle River who is implied to have Asperger went through to try and have Johnny remember her after the pair meet for the second time in school. The sad truth of why he can’t remember her is kind of why you need the tissues.

I can’t say that it honestly took me 5 hours to complete but it is a longish story to sit through but it is worth your time if you like this kind of thing.

All the characters are well thought out and there is a sense of tension and a build up that feels like at times you could go down the wrong path. You get so involved in Johnny’s life and want to know what happened to make him and River the way they were that at times you forget that you are there to change their memories.

When you finally do it is so worth the wait as well.

It is such a warm and heart felt story that makes up for any lack in game play. Its beautiful pixelated style kind of surprises you at how much it actually gets inside you. It is a better crafted story then most bigger games with perfect graphics and its haunting and moving music honestly squeezes out the last tiny bits of emotion you could possibly have left inside of you.

The game is usually £6.99, £9.99 with the soundtrack and whilst I feel it is worth that amount if you are interested in the story but a lack of gameplay will bother you then waiting for it to go down in a sale is probably the better option.

It is a experience more then anything else and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Just a reminder that I’m recommending it because of the story.

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