Anime Highlights Week 49

9th – 15th December 2019

With this slow march to the end of the season we’re seeing all sorts of surprises getting thrown in there.

Bjorn is dead, Seiya isn’t all powerful anymore and war is coming in more ways then one in many more series then we can possibly believe.

What has this week got in store for us?!

This week is really short not because I forgot it but I just dunno… I didn’t pick up on many highlights. Honestly.


So this week in Average Abilities we saw Reina, Mavis and Pauline try and keep a secret from Mile just for Mile to go batshit crazy thinking that there was something wrong with her and that her friends were slowly leaving her.

It was a hilarious episode…

It was a sad episode…

It also showed the bad side to surprises which is that sometimes even though they are being made for a good reason they can upset people if they become all consuming to the point that people know something is happening and start feeling left out.

That said the biggest surprise was the fact that Mile was such a dick at times.

I didn’t say it in the review but goddammit girl?! Reading people’s diaries and laughing at them, measuring their chest whilst they slept and worse of all EATING SOMEONE ELSE’S SNACKS?!

What a surprise.

Not Everyone Can be a Hero!

I mean that could mean anything but let us first look at Keine.

She was already a bit of a worry after openly admitting that she rapes men in the last episode but now it turns out it could be a lot worse for them as she’s able to easily open up your skull and turn you into her puppet.

Let us be honest. The world that the High School Prodigies ended up in wasn’t all that bad. Sure it was under a tyrant and the poor had to know their places but now they are in a world where there is a bomb of some sort as well as a woman who will chloroform you and rape you or open your head up and make you do whatever she wants.

They don’t even have chloroform in this world!

Keine is kind of ending up being more terrifying then the terrifying people with magic that can kill people that live in this world.

I am you Father!

Luc didn’t mention it in his review but I really thought a highlight of Assassins Pride was the fact that this school has seen all the shit going on and not only allows a stranger into their premises and lets him get close to a student but also then proceeds to a dangerous exam with said student who also does not in any way need to be in the exam like it was no big deal.

The character himself was pretty cool I have to say but it was just baffling how they seem to just not care about anything in this school.

Protecting kids? They have magic why would we do that?

Security? It has been breached in such huge ways now who cares about one more?

Plus whilst I get people will gossip at the same time someone randomly coming in and being all “this is my kid” isn’t definitive proof of anything and I get in some ways that this council want to kill Melida as much with words as with their own hands but it just seems a stupidly odd thing to do and something more aimed at maybe upsetting her father, regardless of blood relation right now, into doing something.

Which I guess he did.

I am your brainwasher!

I mean we are always gonna get a little bit of Giovanni when he is prominent in Fire Force and this week he showed just how evil he could be.

Of all the bad guys in all the series this year I honestly would rank Giovanni up there with Mother from Promised Neverland.

Why you ask?

It is that underlying, intelligent threat instead of a all out attack. With someone like Thorkell (YES I MENTION MY BABY WHENEVER POSSIBLE!) his threat comes from his size and strength but a smart person like Askeladd will figure out (or just observe) his weak point at some point in a battle.

With Mother and Giovanni their threat doesn’t come from their strength but the strength of their will.

Both of them were threatening in a much quieter way which made them all the more terrifying. Mother with the way she was able to control children and who wouldn’t think twice before breaking someone’s leg to keep them under control and Giovanni’s from his ability to manipulate and brain wash.

Even without the super cool look, the fact he’s basically turned himself into some kind of cyborg or his absolutely amazing Plague Doctor get up the guy is terrifying because of what he can achieve and the people he’ll use to achieve it. He doesn’t hide his weaknesses because he knows he’ll find the upperhand because he is the Askeladd in the situation, in any situation.

That is what makes him so bad ass.


I really loved the fact that Dr. Stone ended the series with a big musical moment brought from the past via science.

Luc said it best in his review that music brings people together and that was Byakuya’s last attempt at helping Senku from the past by winning over the villagers hearts with a song from Lillian.

What a wonderful way to end the series, if they had started the war in the final episode it would have felt bad but giving us a uplifting ending with moral now totally high for the villagers going into a war was the perfect way.

Plus the montage of everything from this season was enough to make me well up a little.

Tsukasa isn’t as smart as he thinks!


What is it good for?

Not absolutely nothing but the march of progress because everyone is constantly needing to beat the other side and to do that they need the newest way of winning a war.

It isn’t even about war in the way that Tsukasa and Senku are about to go to war.

Music wars, rating wars, contests in all sorts of areas…

Tsukasa doesn’t want progress, he wants to live in this peaceful war because the older generations had destroyed their world, but he’s going to war like the older generations did and whilst he has brute force on his side he’s already had to help create weapons above those that they would have easy at hand and to beat Senku he’s going to have to come up with even more inventive things.

He also has forced Senku’s hand into creating bigger and more scientific things because to win the war they needed all these things and now people who knew no better know how to make all sorts thanks to the need to protect themselves.

Maybe Tsukasa will see the error of his ways in season two after bitter defeat?

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