Kabukicho Sherlock : Now Hiring Physics

Episode 10

Reibai-shi kyūbo” (霊媒師急募)

It is a weird case that is slowly starting to be laid at our feet. Who really is Jack?

Everyone now seems to be dodgy as hell and can we honestly trust anyone? Is it Moriarty? Is it John? Who could it be?

To be honest I don’t really know even now.

All the leads point to Moriarty but it seems to be one big game played on Watson from Sherlock and Moriarty to out the real Jack but is the person they cornered really Jack or indeed is he just so hungry to solve this case that he was trying to steal the drive to prove he is better then Sherlock?

It really is hard to try and figure out just who is who at the moment but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun.

I liked having a episode that didn’t have a case involved. We got to see how everyone was trying to cope with Irene’s murder and not being able to solve it or the Jack case. It was a weird feeling but also a much needed breather before we ramp it up a little going into the final few episodes.

Sherlock has finally heard Watson’s case and it turns out that everyone is kind of connected by this case which is interesting in itself. What Sherlock knows and doesn’t know has to wait till next episode but it’ll be interesting to see what he’s been able to piece together.

Jack is turning out to be quite the case and I really want to see how it all plays out.

It was also kind of fun seeing them have like a ghost Irene walking around and haunting Watson. That was a interesting way to do things specially as it was all in his head, it was a interesting way of showing how he was coping with the loss.

Then again I’m a little disappointed that Sherlock saying that Watson could be Jack was over with so fast. From the end of the episode it seems like it was one way of pushing Watson away to help find the real Jack but it would have been a interesting path to take that people actually turned their suspicions on him, specially as he did just appear from nowhere into their lives specifically to target Sherlock.

Personally think it had legs for a interesting story but also kind of happy that it didn’t turn into a Watson Witch Hunt.

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