His Dark Materials : The Fight to the Death

Episode 7

Nothing ever changes when it comes to Lyra and her luck. One step forward and two steps back as she exchanges one prison for another.

You want to know what I find really sad about this series?

It is that no matter what happens, no matter what the story is I honestly can’t care about Will or Elaine and every time they flash into their world and their story no matter how good the acting is or how much I know I should care about all of what is happening I just can’t.

Specially in a episode like this.

I get that at some point his story will be super important and I will enjoy it much more and if they didn’t introduce it and let it build like they have I probably would be moaning about it then but I guess it is because it is so vastly underwhelming compared to what happens on the other side of the story that kind of makes me want to zone out.

Of course that isn’t something the show has done wrong or indeed something that is bad about it. This is just very much my opinion and my problem but I find it sad because I know I SHOULD care and I want to but I just can’t.

Whilst Will and his mum have a lovely relationship and Nina Sosanya is fantastic in every scene this episode also included Iorek fighting Iofur and winning back his throne, Dafne Keen once again showing a master class as she did her best to trick Iofur to do what she needed to do and Ruth Wilson literally terrifying me in every single scene.

Again I will never stop saying that this show has some of the best acting in it and whilst I can’t compare the show to the stories as I never read them for me the reason I love this show and the story it is telling comes down to how much the actors have made me fall in love with their characters.

It is funny how I have waited so long for Lyra to be reunited with Asriel just for it to happen and I honestly fear that it might have been safer for them to have been stuck with Mrs Coulter. It comes to a point where you have to fear any adult that seems to be intelligent to some degree.

Asriel is obsessed with what feels like the opposite maybe of Coulter. The way he reacted to seeing Lyra was bad enough but the way he reacted to Roger was terrifying. Plus it seems he had sent for a kid which makes it even more terrifying what it is he plans on doing.

The two best moments of the episode though go to the big CGI battle between Iofur and Iorek which was beautifully done as well as acted by Keen who obviously couldn’t see what was happening as well as Lee learning that Lyra had survived and Iorek had won back his throne.

Anna has already declared that Lee is her favourite character and I can see why, him being overjoyed at the fact that his friends were safe and doing well was a great moment in a episode full of a lot of drama. It was such a nice little moment.

Next weeks episode looks intense though and I’m not sure I’m ready to find out what happens next.

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