Fairy Gone 2 : One from an Unending Dream

Episode 23

Samenu Yume Yori Dedeshi Mono” (覚めぬ夢より出でしもの)

Last weeks episode was a good one, this one looks to be a dangerous and scary one.

This episode wasn’t really about stories or what was really going on.

It did end up all the individual fights and bring together all the main characters. We now have both Free and Maryla working with the people who have been a thorn in their side for the last 20 odd episodes, Nein won her battle and her group is standing tall.

Now there is a Divine Beast being forced to destroy everything around him needing Maryla and Veronica’s help.

I liked it.

You all know I give this show crap all the time for the smallest of things, I stand by the fact that much of this shows problem is that it had such a interesting tale to tell and yet kept getting blinded by the personal stories that didn’t really mean that much in the longer run. I get that Maryla/Ver were a important story but it was bloated and overtook many episodes where it just didn’t need to.

This episode made up a bit for that for reasons I couldn’t even explain.

It felt like it rewarded you if you found it hard to cope with everything before then by giving you that big “Avengers Assemble” type moment where all those characters that you naturally loved or were forced to care for start to come together to save the world.

We all knew both Wolfran and Veronica weren’t evil and that they were doing what they believed needed to be done in a world that hadn’t been kind to them so seeing them be good people away from the pains of what had followed them was nice.

Not only that but it is just a breath of fresh air not to be recycling the same story time and time again.

That being said there wasn’t much to the episode.

There was a lot of cool action and that was about it but it worked because we were working towards something and something huge for the characters and for the series.

As for the Divine Beast, just like all other Fairies in this show it was absolutely beautiful and that is one of the reasons I never really gave up on the show. It is a fantastic show to watch and the animation on it is phenomenal. It’ll be nice to see if Maryla can at least save the Fairy caught inside the body, which I guess was the Fairy that had possessed Ray Dawn all these years. It’ll be a bitter sweet (no not her) ending I guess but at least the main characters have their blonde love interests with them again…

I joke. It is nice their best friends are by their sides though.

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