Fire Force : Those Connected

Episode 21

Tisunagaru Mono” (繋がる者)

Giovanni vs Vulcan and Obi seems to be the main focus of this episode and I am here for it.

Remember way back when, I was in two minds whether or not I liked this show enough to want to continue watching it. Stories felt rushed, characters felt like one note jokes and interesting characters were overlooked to get the story told in record times.

This episode shows why it upset me so much thinking that was all this series was going to be.

Whilst the second half focused on the ongoing story of Shinra and his family the first half continued the story of Vulcan, Giovanni and Lisa as well as the entire point of this part of the season giving us a look at the Evangelists and what exactly it is they really want and are doing.

It really makes such a big difference when they put more time into stories.

Vulcan and Lisa were two the of the last characters we met but I have a bigger connection to them and their story then I ever did to Hibana or anyone from the 1st. Seeing Giovanni basically admit that he’d brain washed Lisa and watching as she begged him to let her go with him even though deep down we see she knows that Vulcan is the one that cares for her actually was gut wrenching.

These were characters that were given time to breath and their story time to play out and now we have this wonderful moment that is laced in sadness.

Half way through this season I never in my life would have imagined it would become as emotional as it has or that I would have become as attached as I am to its characters.

Giovanni is honestly the best villain they have. For me at least. Even taking away the fact I’m biased over dudes in Plague Doctor masks because it is a aesthetic that I love he’s that kind of bad guy who I just think is perfect in any situation.

They changed up the animation with him in the last two episodes and he’s become more then just the smart one who spouts his truth at people and was much more a horror type bad guy. You can see he isn’t overall the strongest opponent they could be facing but he’s smart and he sees his opportunities. He brainwashed Lisa which made it easy for him to use her as bait, threaten to kill her and keep the 8th at bay for a little bit.

He uses them being Heroes against them because as we all know Heroes have a code they have to live up to.

I was so happy that he left. Not escaped, he saw that Shinra had reached Sho and that was all he had to do so he upped and left on his own merit.

Personally I so hope that this is it, he’s gone. I want there to be a second season and I want to see more of Giovanni. We still don’t know about Licht’s group and there is just so much more I want to learn about this world including getting to know the 1st much better. If they catch up to Giovanni or he has a abrupt ending I will be honestly disappointed.

As for Shinra and Sho?

It was really worth the wait. Their big blow out seems to be much more then just a fight and we don’t even know a thing about Sho or where he really comes from. He keeps mentioning another universe and Licht seems to have figured out what is going on whilst Shinra just thinks he’s talking like Arthur.

Their fight was amazing but impossible for Shinra to win as Sho can just stop time. He’s taken Shinra to this other dimension/universe by the looks of it and I can not wait to see what is up with that.

Again the use of a more horror styled animation when Sho implanted a vision via adolla burst was brilliant and once again it also was a far cry from anything I thought we’d see going forward. I always enjoyed some of the weirder looking animation styles this show went for, hence the header for the season, and it was one of the reasons that no matter how much I got annoyed I pressed on.

Boy has this show gone from a meh thing for me to my absolute favourite thing.

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