Dr. Stone : Voices over Infinite Distance

Episode 24

Koe wa Mugen no Kanata e” (声は無限の彼方へ)

The finale of one of the most interesting shows we’ve had this year as the very real science of Dr. Stone will be leaving us…

For now.

This episode was really good.

I thought that we would see the start of the war but actually the war is going to be its own thing now that Season 2 has been confirmed and seemingly is confirmed to be called The Stone Wars.

So with one phone built, this episode left and the war not even starting in this episode what are we to do?

Well learn that a second phone needs to be built which is what I thought would happen but also have the last blast from the past this season from Senku’s dad as he finds out that his fathers tombstone is actually a time capsule and that inside that capsule is a recording from his father and the other survivors including a song from the lovely Lillian.

I liked it.

It really ended the series off perfectly because at the end of the day whilst Senku and his father have a weird relationship due to their personalities it was nice to see that last little contact between them. It was also nice that without having to go out of his way to do the sappy stuff and actually say “I love you” his father was able to do so and in turn Senku is forever able to hear his father if he so chooses.

Then again it also doubled over as the final way to nail the hearts of those in the village.

This is their founders, the people who they are all connected to in one way or the other. Their entire lives are based around the stories they left and this was their chance to magically hear from them. Not only that it was the first time they’d have ever heard a pop song before which, regardless of some of the trashy lyrics around today, is pretty much the way to bring people together. Like any form of entertainment, music is something that very much breaks boundaries.

Music doesn’t care who you are or what you do and you’ll find friends in unlikely places because of it.

Having this song on a recording played to people who has never heard a pop song had a giant effect on them and now they all yearn to live in a world where that is something they can hear every day. Whilst everything Senku does is amazing and sometimes, like the Ramen, cotton candy and Christmas Tree, it can benefit them in a way they can feel and see he isn’t a people person. He’s a scientist and people have come over to him because of tradition stating they have to as well as small flashes of interesting things he does but this song is something that will really touch your heart and Senku is the only person who can possibly give them that so now regardless of feelings to Senku, as Magma pretty much said, if they beat Tsukasa then all of this is something they can have.

Byakuya saves the day again.

Can not wait for the second season, it should be amazing when it finally gets here.

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