5 Things… Our sad goodbye to Silicon Valley

For six years Silicon Valley has been one of my favourite shows. It was that chill comedy that just made me feel good. Packed with drama, upset and some real life sadness there wasn’t a moment I would take back watching it.

So here are 5 reasons why I loved this show so much.

5. The Incubator


I watched Silicon Valley originally because I like Martin Starr. Big Freaks & Geeks fan, huge fan of his roles in random films and I watched it knowing he was in it but not thinking I would enjoy it.

Then I see the first episode and instantly I fall in love.

The Incubator is the house that Erlich Bachman, a former coder who sold his business and brought this house, rented out to promising up and coming coders.

Enter Richard Hendricks, Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti, Bertram Gilfoyle, Dinesh Chugtai and yes… Even Jian-Yang.

It was a weird group of six characters who didn’t really work together but at the same time worked fantastically together. You had the very over the top, socially awkward nerd, the sarcastic dick that hates everyone, the deluded one who thinks he’s better then everyone else, the idiot who just stumbles through life, the guy who thinks he owns all the ideas but actually doesn’t know what he’s doing or own very much.

And of course Jian-Yang.

For me that very concept of sticking these random people not only together in the way they did but then having them through the years add a little bit of themselves into what originally was one mans project was great. If they had just been working together or friends I don’t think it would have had the same impact as having these guys literally living on top of each other in some ways.

Plus there was always Jian-Yang.

4. Pied Piper Itself…

The App that Richard created pivoted so much that by the time it was closed down after becoming a all knowing AI in the final episode it looked so much different from the music copyright program he started off creating.

Through the years it has turned and morphed into something ridiculous but at the heart of it all was Richards heart and soul which is why the show meant so much to me. It wasn’t, for Richard, about making a lot of money or being famous it was about creating something that actually changed the world in a little way and in his opinion making it better.

With the App at the heart of everything they did it opened up the show to just about anything tech related it wanted.

In a way I guess I get that they had to kill Pied Piper off but the journey we went on was a great one.


I am trying to think up a bunch of intro’s that I love for another 5 Things… blog but no matter how hard I try I never EVER think of any I loved more then this one.

It was short and sweet and so much was happening on screen at once that you wanted to pause it to see.

What I also loved was it grew with time.

For those who don’t know the intro was just a short piece of music over a view of “Silicon Valley” a few cartoonish looking buildings with different real world company logos on them. Every season it was a little different adding things like Uber to the mix whilst other things disappeared.

The music was great and I loved the graphics. I will miss them nearly as much as the show itself.

2. Dinesh & Gilfoyle, the greatest on screen friendship

For six season we’ve seen Gilfoyle relentlessly take the piss out of Dinesh and Dinesh bask in happiness whenever Gilfoyle makes a mistake but underneath all that was a really sweet friendship.

Sure it doesn’t look like one on the outside but it became obvious that the two of them are basically the only friend the other really has.

There weren’t many obvious close moments between the two but they very rarely were seen without the other, their best moments usually came together and my favourite moment was the fact that instead of just ignoring Dinesh completely in the final series Gilfoyle creates a AI to talk to Dinesh, insults and all, but when found out he doesn’t just dismiss Dinesh but creates him his own AI so that he doesn’t have to talk to Gabe.

In the same vain as any comedy duo friendship that has a dominant and sarcastic dickhead and a whiny, cowardly moron together as the pair it worked wonders for many different reasons and whenever the pair were separated I was kind of sad. I really loved when they were together and knowing that Dinesh brought a house next to Gilfoyle’s in the future is all I needed to know that the boys had a good ending.

1. The Characters

I know this is a pretty obvious one and I have already put Dinesh and Gilfoyle in as a separate thing but hear me out.

As you all are aware I’m a geek. I have severe social anxiety and problems communicating to others, it was one of my biggest downfalls in life that I could never actually talk or get my opinion or ideas over. This is also one of the reasons why I loved writing so much and whilst I suck at it I do it nearly every day whether you see those blogs or not.

Big Bang Theory was a great show, don’t get me wrong, but very fast the characters became over the top and too much.

(Also before anyone says it I’m fully aware that they are totally different beasts…)

For me Silicon Valley put much more love and care into every single character no matter how big or small. For example Peter Gregory’s shadow was cast over the entire six series even though his actor, Christopher Evan Welch, died after the first season. When they pulled up the photo of him in the final episode it broke my heart and that is a character we hadn’t seen since the end of the very first season but his part was so big in the founding of the company and kicking Richard in the ass that he felt like a very real part of the series.

Richard himself is a character I loved.

From the very beginning he was bad at communicating, bad at sharing his ideas, nervous and fidgety and nothing in the series ever stopped him being that. He ended up as the head of a giant corporation and was still nerdy, socially inapt Richard Hendricks. Whilst some people say it just showed a lack of character growth it didn’t. The character growth came from him being so blinded by HIS creation and HIS idea to opening up to others and letting them help and in the end knowing that regardless of his dream and his hard work he had to kill the beast he had just created to save the world. At his age he wouldn’t change, I know because at my age I am incapable of changing and being totally different.

Then there are the over the top characters like Laurie and Russ.

Each played important roles in the lives of the Pied Piper group ,whilst Laurie went from being the female Peter Gregory she turned into this twitchy, spaced out competitor that any time she was on screen you feared what she was going to do next and as for Russ sure he was a over the top billionaire but he brought so many laughs down the line.

Every character whether it be the original team that were holed up in Elrich’s incubator to side characters like Colin, Ron LaFlamme or even the wonderful Keenan Feldspar played by Haley Joel Osment back in the fourth season were fleshed out and interesting. You don’t forget them.

Sure there was a hero and there was a villain, and trust me Matt Ross played the villain role perfectly from day one till the end and I for one will miss Gavin Belson so much, and in the end the heroes didn’t really win but what made the final episode and every season before it so special was that you felt like you were part of that team and it was heartbreaking seeing them suffer.

Silicon Valley was a lot of things but at its heart it really was just the story of a bunch of nerds reaching for the skies and overcoming all sorts of problems that would put anyone else off.


That is it for my look back at Silicon Valley.

It truly was something that always made me smile and whilst there were bad moments and series that didn’t quite hit the mark of older ones I feel like it ended up being one of the more consistent shows I’ve ever watched and that just makes me so happy.

I will honestly miss this show so much.

Guys I didn’t even talk about Jared and how wonderful he is!

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