Watchmen : A God Walks into Abar

Episode 8

Well that was a shocking end to the last episode. Now we have this episode and boy is this episode amazing.

Everything just comes together in the most ridiculous Dr. Manhattan way and I really wish it didn’t. Not that I think it is bad but because why are we so stupid we didn’t think that Dr. Manhattan not only knew about everything but was there?

Like this episode just made so much sense.

He came back to Earth knowing that he was going to fall in love with Angela, he made a paradise on Europa (one of Jupiter’s Moons) that he sent Ozy to, after being askedby Angela he asked Will about how he know that Judd was part of Cyclops and had a Klan robe BEFORE Will even know who Judd was…

Everything can be linked back to Doctor freakin’ Manhattan who has been parading around as Cal this whole time with some device that Ozy gave him to forget who he is so he could have a relationship with Angela.

I really loved not only the story, not only how it all kind of came full circle but how it was presented.

Dr. Manhattan must be one of the most annoying characters to try and explain, it is so simple yet so difficult and this episode tried so hard to show us how John sees time basically.

He walks into a bar knowing that Angela was the woman he was in love with and everything about her but he had to in his own awkward way get her to agree even just to let him sit and give her a drink. Through their conversation we go back to his past, into their future and all around the place with her adamant that she will never go for a meal with him as he tried to impress her with things she had no interest in knowing.

Great moments like who Crookshanks and Phillips are, the entire scene with him and Ozy, a nearly perfect replica of the already known problem with dating Dr. Manhattan…

It was just all perfect.

We now know that Will knew about Judd because future Angela asked him how he knew about Judd telling him who and what he needed to know to know that Judd was in Cyclops. We know Ozy was sent to Europa because John had created a paradise using the manor house he went to before leaving for America in his childhood and the people who lived there who he had watched nearly have sex and who had asked him to promise to make something great in later life. We see how Angela goes from a orphan in Vietnam to a cop in Tulsa and why and how she had Dr. Manhattan stashed away.

Everything now makes sense even if the path forward isn’t really that easy to see.

I just loved everything about it and the way they presented the whole episode was beautifully done. Probably the best episode or at least on par with episode 6.

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