Another Brick in the Mall Revisited

So back in 2017 I brought Another Brick in the Mall, a game that gave you the option to build your own Mall along with cinema’s, bowling alleys and a bunch of other things.

It is literally over 2 years ago now (the review came out May 2nd) and I went back to it after not really playing it for a while and felt like I wanted to update my thoughts.

Why I wanted to update it is because the game is so much more better now.

I would have recommended that game back then but only if you enjoyed this type of game. Now I think it is a game that should possibly get a lot more love.

Since 2017 there has been regular updates from the team. New concepts like security, balances in the games to actually create specialized stores instead of just having stores, more things to research and more items to use.

Back then it was a fun game to sink a few hours into here and there but it felt like unless you were super creative and therefore LOVE games like this that you would make a store and then be like “well that is that” but now it feels like a challenge. Actually being able to come up with different layouts, different things to do and actually seeing the customers interacting with the store in a more natural way is brilliant and gives even more reason for casual people to play it.

There are still places it can improve but they are small things and I will go into them at the end but there is just so much going on that you get super addicted to it.

You research things to make the stores that customers want and have a incentive to make individual stores. I have a book store because everyone wanted one and once or twice a year a big book will come out and that store will be swamped. I have a pharmacy and a drug store because it meant I could make my original all purpose grocery store focus on groceries and stop it being so crowded, I then made a candy store because every big event seems to love some candy and I don’t have to worry about making sure I have more candy in other stores when those events show up.

It was a much needed mechanic to make the game a little more challenging.

So things I’d like to see?

Again much like my last review two years ago they are really small details that I guess don’t ever need to be added but it would be nice to see.

Again I’m still a bit annoyed by lack of doors and decorations in general. I’d like more of them, I don’t really like having to use a store door as the entrance to the toilets though I also when writing this realised that in most places I go they don’t really have toilet doors anymore. I would just like some different door types, some different plants, bigger plants for the outdoors, a few more statues and floor tiles. That kind of thing.

Also obviously different designed arcade stuff and more of them, bigger booths and stuff.

Whilst we now have self service I would still like different counters, the Theatre and Fast Food places have their own I would like to have some that are a little different for other stores because not every place has actual tills.

I would also still like things like Fish Counters and the like so that when we make Fish shops and all the rest we don’t just have the typical freezer model to contend with.

More events would be nice. They have Christmas, Mothers and Fathers day and back to school but I would like a lot more random events during the year.

Other then that the game is still amazing and was worth the money then and more so now. I love that the developers are updating the game pretty much monthly and seem to be paying attention to what the customers are asking for. It was a weird game for me to pick up because working in a supermarket and not being overly creative I just spent hours originally making the shop I work in which didn’t sound like much fun but now I think it is a game that challenges you more then anything else.

Still a highly recommended game.

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