Stan & Ollie (2018)

One of my all time favourite double acts were brought back to life on the big screen with John C. Reilly and Steve Coogan and whilst I couldn’t go and see the film in the cinema I was very much looking forward to it when I could finally see it.

Which I did.

It did not disappoint. It took less then twenty minutes for me to fall in love with the story being told and it was actually kind of heartbreaking as well as being so uplifting and sweet.

What I loved was that it wasn’t afraid to show the good and bad side to the duo. The falling outs were just as important as all the good times the duo had and whilst it looked at the later years of the pair it was heartwarming to see that overall it reminded us that they were friends that loved each other.

You couldn’t really get two better people to play the title duo though. There were plenty of laughs throughout the film that just made the sad moments even more poignant.

One thing that really made the film great though was that it wasn’t just about Stan and Ollie. It allowed Shirley Henderson and Nina Arianda shine as their spouses in later life Lucille and Kitaeva. Whilst the chemistry between Reilly and Coogan was amazing beyond words the chemistry between Henderson and Arianda was just even more brilliant and at points they honestly stole the scenes they shared with the main characters.

The pain that Lucille was going through trying to support a sick husband who was trying to please everyone and the love that Kitaeva shone on Stan trying to stand up for a husband she knew was heartbroken over something that was neither his nor Ollie’s fault brought tears to my eyes. Their chemistry was electric to the point that they brought some bigger laughs in their small moments together, with Lucille being exasperated with Kitaeva’s seeming brags about her own work, then some of the hilarious little moments where Coogan and Reilly had doing their little skits.

It honestly was just the beautiful story of two men who made the world laugh.

Such a beautiful movie.

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