No Guns Life : Phantom Limb

Episode 10

Genshi” (幻肢)

The team have split in two and without knowing it are after the same person.

Colt is at the center of everyone’s attention but can Mary and Tetsuro save him before he becomes a puppet in Spitzbergen’s plans and he ends up in the hands of maybe, just maybe, Juzo?

Actually it turns out that the Colt story was just Mary and Tetsuro’s and I’m happy with that.

Whilst Harmony is obviously a difficult thing for Tetsuro to use and dangerous in that his body is left undefended it was nice to see him be able to use a little better in this episode. Not only that it was nice being able to see him not need to be saved by someone so whilst he doesn’t actually come out of it having saved the day he at least came out of it helping someone as best he could and being able to save a bunch of people who will never know that is what happened.

Colt was a easy character to love.

We know enough about this world to know that it isn’t a very nice place. The poor are forced to do horrific things to themselves to be useful and Berühren are the only people who win in the end.

This is basically the story of Colt, so whilst we know that is what is happening and we’ve seen a little of it for the first time we really got to dig into a story with a character who will go as far as joining up with Terrorist and kill people if it meant teaching his little sisters to look forward to tomorrow.

That speech by the way about how his family are so poor that his sisters don’t know what tomorrow even is was one of the most powerful moments this year.

In the end though No Guns Life isn’t about giving us feel good moments.

That is just how this show goes.

Colt dies.

Honestly I felt this episode was one of the best episodes the show has had without needing Juzo or anything major happening. It had action, it had great characters and in the end it had a sad ending. Mary and Tetsuro are brilliant characters that held the episode very well on their own and whilst it would have been nice to have a half happy ending we are left with a dead friend and two kids who won’t in any way have a life.

This show is just really good and you do need to get over the silliness of it all to see that. It actually packs a emotional punch more often then not that more serious shows fail to deliver.

Very sad episode.

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