Life is Strange 2 : Wolves

We have finally reached the final chapter of the story of the Diaz brothers and whilst I will have a blog out some other time comparing my thoughts about LiS and LiS2 this blog is 100% about how I feel about the end of our journey.


This episode wasn’t terrible.

My problem with this game has always been the potential it had and what you actually see in front of you. This episode very obviously was going to be that episode where you HAVE to have multiple save files and play through it multiple times to really get what the game was trying to do.

Which simply was have you mold your brother Daniel into the person he would be when it came down to making a decision on your future.

Without giving any spoilers away that is basically what the game has been aiming to do all along and if you have only played one path this whole time I feel the impact this episode has is going to be pretty weak.

Unlike LiS with its two endings this one has a few and you can’t get some unless you play completely differently all game long so whilst you can just turn back to your last save in LiS and see the second ending in this one you, as I said above, need more then one save file and to have explored details that sometimes when I was playing I completely missed for random reasons.

That was something I always loved about the game, getting to the end and being “OMG I DIDN’T KNOW I COULD DO THAT!” about things but the poor game play and buggy nature of it meant I never really bothered to do anything but my main file.

My ending I feel is probably the one most people get and is apparently a carbon copy of one other with one slight difference. It was actually a super sad ending and one that didn’t really make me feel like I had been able to pick a road for Sean and Daniel. Or at least Sean. This game was never really about Sean and I feel like they were very good at trying to make you look at how your actions in life affect other people.

This episode had its flaws though. It had positives too.

Its biggest flaw was that it felt like the game just wanted to be over with. You never settled in this game because it was a road trip and I always said that I liked that but when I say you never settle in this one I mean because it seemingly is over in a flash. The days between what happened at Haven Point and this point in our lives happened off screen and we were thrown into what felt like the last few hours of Sean and Daniel’s journey.

Away was a wonderful place with such bright and vibrant characters, including one that you might recognise but as it was such a WTF?! moment for me when I figured out who they were I’m not saying in this review, but you are there for the smallest amount of time with literally one or two interactions per character. Sure we didn’t have much to do with Brody or even a bunch of others but it was the first time it left me feeling let down with how little I could interact or do things. I get that one point of this game was showing us the positives of travelling as well, letting us see that your journey whether it be on the road or just through life will be scattered with people who weave in and out of your story. Some staying forever and some being bit players but boy did I want to know more about some of these guys and it just felt so empty this time out.

For me the ending and getting to the Border was just a way to shoe horn the racist anti-Mexican message back in which as you know I’ve always said I feel like it was a good story to tell and raise awareness by but this time it FELT shoehorned.

It felt like being there so Sean could finally call someone a bigot and we could finally see someone being racist and getting some sort of punishment for it.

That being said it was the most awkward part of the game as you spend some of it talking to a Mexican couple before being preached at in the most heavy handed addition to the game you’ll ever find.

This was always LiS2 problem. It felt like it never settled, like the writers weren’t brave enough to tell the full story they wanted so had to drop in every now and again messages they wanted to hit home. It was something I used to shrug about but in this game was just so badly dealt with I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

By the end of the episode I felt tired.

I felt tired for me, for Sean and Daniel and for everyone who trudged through the game.

Life is Strange 2 isn’t a terrible story. It has a great concept that just didn’t feel like it truly ever got the love and passion poured into it that it deserved. I would never say people should avoid the game because it was fun and I would like this game to do well enough, even just by the smallest margin, to see if they would make a third and where they will take it going forward. I would like down the line to see all the stories they can tell converging on each other in a way bigger then they did in this.

That being said it is also a game I think I’ll never bother playing again which is sad.

I mean I might if I keep streaming just to play through all three games so far one after the other but I don’t think I enjoyed it enough that I would ever just sit here and think “I want to revisit Sean and Daniel” in the same way I did with Max and Chloe and I didn’t even like Max and Chloe as much.

Which… You know… Is sad.

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