Assassins Pride : Labyrinth Library

Episode 10

 “Meikyū Toshokan” (迷宮図書館)

In a brand new twist to the show someone wants to kill Melida.

I don’t get this show.

Whilst I love the characters and the world and even love Melida’s story so far it just doesn’t really care about making sense.

We get that her mother apparently had a affair which makes her a bastard who had no real Mana. Kufa tried to kill her but ended up giving her some of his but we’ve also seen that she has dormant Paladin powers inside her somehow.

Her uncle I believe was the reason Kufa was sent to kill her, various guilds want to kill her even the students who were her friend in that one episode want to kill her. Everyone wants to out the scandal and now her father wants to remove her from the school but hasn’t actually bothered to tell anyone how he feels about anything.

We’ve gone a little bit without anyone trying to kill her, hurt her or out the possibility that she’s a bastard and then it just all came flooding back making even less sense.

People act like this is her fault when she doesn’t even know about the rumours. People want to harm her instead of just outing that she might not have the father she thought she had and let her live her life away from all that.

Some of this is down to us just not having a strong enough grasp of the world.

Also Kufa’s narration sometimes is all over the place itself.

Mainly though it just baffles me that we’re this far into the series and I still don’t really know what is going on. Is Melida just like a Neville Longbottom type that has the powers deep down but can’t awaken them, that being said she managed to somehow magically gain completely different ones?

Also it isn’t just nobility that seems able to gain Mana and not only that but why is it so important her powers are 100% the same as her families.

Nothing makes sense yet it is still super enjoyable and you kind of want to see Melida progress and prove people wrong. Though I do still find the relationship with Kufa a bit odd but that comes hand in hand with the fact I just don’t think the world or characters were ever explained well enough.

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